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Hello, i am an Aussie girl who is studying in TAFE. I love to draw, read and write as a hobby. I am a movie girl as well as an Otaku, and also I listen to music and read novels/ comics.
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    Anita Hodgson
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Final Page
Well my first year is done and yeah, ends bittersweet (what can you expect, this one-shot was about death? XD)
Don't worry this is not my first and final, expect me to (when I get around to it) post up more of my other 24hr comics soon
So keep an eye out ^^
Page 1
Just a quick note: This was viewed through grey-scale pages so that's why most of the characters' skin was left white, like black and white comics.
First ever entry!

Since this was done with a group, we were given a theme and it was Machine of Death. I got "Caught on Camera" and I've decided to make it about a model a little scared of a Shadow that seemed to be following her on visual screens. Of course it won't end well but I'll let you decide upon the ending- enjoy =)
Another Hiatus
Hi, sorry for pasting this page longer than I should have and once again, sorry but I'm going on another hiatus on this =_=
Going through alot of crap art-wise (thankfully no art block thank goodness) and also getting back into digital stuff is taking longer than planned.
Again I'm sorry, but thanks you for being so patient with this.
Catch you some time soon
Yeah, someone get some cold water cause this guy just got burned :D

I will say, that comeback came to me much quicker than the penny one Rory gave to Archer, and just to let you know; I'm putting on another hiatus but it shouldn't be long, hoping I'll be back in mid March but I'll let you know otherwise. So again, be patient and enjoy it all.
Ooh, wonder what's going to happen here :3

P.S I apologise for this and the next two pages of crappy backgrounds, I was on my final day of the Design trial run and so everything was very much rushed- urgh the mistakes X(

well that's all from me, catch ya later
Hi, happy belated holidays sorry i didn't get this page up sooner.

Anywho, yeah Sidwell is one of our latest character. Respectfully he's a baddie but not like Archer, he's more minor like a local rival but heh, he's pretty much a douchebag haha
i'll leave it there and enjoy
Everyone meet one of our latest characters yet.
I can't say much but he's not like Archer -and I don't mean the sadistic baddie type- I'll give you more next week when the page is up.
Speaking of which, sorry no Christmas picture this year. Didn't and couldn't get a chance to due to computer trouble, but I'll talk more next week. =)
Well we have a proper explanation on why Suri is a little upset with Karif =p

For the moment, I'm trouble (don't worry, it's nothing serious) but just to let you know I'm going to be putting it up weekly for the time being so hopefully between now and later I'll still be posting and I can get my software under control. But enjoy ^^
Not much to say other than crappy buildings are crappy
and yeah, Suri's still upset =p

I'm Back!
Yes, I'm so sorry getting another computer took longer that I thought, not to mention everything else happening =_=
Well hopefully I can try keeping with my schedule and keep showing you nifty pages.
P.S I apologise for my building, doing them is still hard lol
Ok, this is done on my laptop.

The computer I do on my comic on, was hit with an error 106; meaning the hardware that reads my files is badly corrupted and I can't turn it on without it telling me the details of my computer. Fingers crossed I can get it repaired but it means unless I get another computer to do my comic on, it'll probably be another month or two till I can can get Gears back on.

I don't like this either, but these things happen and again please be patient, I'll try getting it done asap
Yes, the story is now in London. I do apologise in advance if I get the scenery wrong; it doesn't help when you've never travelled in your life and decide to do a travelling story (...shut up)
Also the reference used for the first panel comes from here: to-arizona-for-a-million-pounds/
Chapter 6, FINALLY!
Wow, I've finally updated over a year and four months! Again I'm sorry, art block got to me, same with most of the background (damn my detail XC). But thanks for being so patient
2 things; -yes, his teeth was yellowish: because realistically it's hard to keep teeth sparkling white
-Also, the clothing he wear plays a part in this guy's life so look out for that
Enjoy :D
Tumblr acount
Finally I'm doing up a Tumblr account for Gears- maybe that'll help me out get a little more motivated!

Don't have a lot so far, but if you're a fan of the comic, have a tumblr account and like to see some "behind the scenes" and other random pictures click on the link ^^ I'll try to post as much as I can.
aww, this is adorable!
Happy Holidays
ok, I've either made it or didn't make it, depending on time zones but I'm celebrating

Also, I'm almost done with the chapter, just need to do backgrounds so I should be able to upload for next year \^w^/

Happy Holidays
Aww, this is adorable
Thank you Secret Santa!
Happy Belated Halloween
Well, happy belated Halloween- it only took this long was I was having trouble deciding how to do to draw and how they'll dress up. So -finally deciding- It's Suri as Sam from "Trick R Treat". If you haven't seen this horror movie, see it! It's an awesome halloween movie.

Well, all I can say for the time being, but stay tuned- I should be able to post the next chapter soon

Suri (C) :devAkina-SA:
Sam costume (C) Michael Dougherty