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I am le Super Bridge

If you could be a specific watch, which would you explode?
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LOL....thats the worst comeback ive ever read.

Im not the hugely immature person who instantly starts trying to rip on a religion. Too bad i live on my own, and have a real life...these comics are almost a parody of how serious people take this shit site...and ironically you cant see how immature you are taking a kids comic site seriously.

P.S. Masturbation has no age limit :D
why are you reading then?
LOL dialga, the 22 year old sprite pokemaniac, what a fucking idiot.

dialga i wouldnt worry about surviving the internet, you need to worry about real life, because your obviously a nobody.

ROFL what an absolute moron.
We all know it was you Monroe
February 12th, 2010
my dog bit my leg, so i shot my i dont have an annoying pet anymore...2 wrongs do make a right!
Yes i can recommend a novel, it is called sex on the orient express ...its about the love of a chinese train worker with her favourite pet goat. Do be warned, it has very intimate woman-goat sex scenes and alot of goat anal...but from the sound of it your into that sort of shit!
hahha, what a sick comic!
Lol, i like penis jokes

Your comic is like a cross between ctrl+alt+del and perry bible fellowship
You are nearly as disturbed as me, i like that though...
Finally..someone with some sense!

Thanks for the comment dude.
Err, actually you called me a music genre, a religious nut...and someone who trolls this comic site, thats definately not a compliment.

What is wrong with people, honestly.
Sorry mate, im not really into the whole heaven/hell thing...AND shadow still didnt explain the joke.

I think the best bit is how instantly shadow jumped to conclusions about us making fun of his illness, when really the joke is about his scientific works. Its so amazing how self righteous people are truly the ignorant ones.
You are obviously too stupid to get the joke...and to prove your not tell me why that is funny. Yes! Im calling your bluff before youve given it to me.
You are a wannabe smart guy...grow up before you comment
Your an idiot
Its called a joke, as you might be able to work out that JFK didnt say "Hey lets drive top down for once".....jesus some people are completely brain dead.
April 13th, 2009