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I am indeed a girl, although the internet makes that very difficult to convay. I enjoy playing video games and indulging in other disclosed forms of entertainment.
February 13th, 2011
Read the comic so far. Alright. I'm intrigued.
Oh jeez. Penelope, you need a back bone.
I've been reading your comic for a while now and I don't think I've even commented yet. Sorry.

Man, something about this page is just beautiful the shading and persective of the first panel is amazing!
One of them is really going to have to change their clothes.

With October coming to a close, I think this would be a ood time to introduce the second theme: awkward moments. Create an uncomfortable atmosphere, and be creative. This will also may be good practice for expressions.
Wow, I'd love to see how slow he eats waffles.
Very cute! Gotta love those long sleeves.
Very cute and colorfull =)

Gah, you're so young! I feel old compared to you.
@ Akabane: sure! I'll send you the invite =)
I understand. I have a lot going on for me too. College and what not.
@ nuttyjigs: Of course you can join!
First theme: Introductions!

Introduce yourself, a character you created, or something of your liking. Or create some sort of senario involved with introductions.


Intro to this dude thing:

Name: Pall
Sex: Male
Height: I don't know. 3ft?
Age: ???
Personality: An adventurous guy who loves to travel and explore the unknown. To bad he has a terrible memory. He's be lost if he didn't write infortant stuff down. He wishes to chart unmapped places, even if they've already been charted... and mapped.

He came from a random doodle I did on some notes. Pretty sure he isn't human.
Anyone interested?
Have you ever had a doodle that you found a little more charming than the others? Or have you been stumped about what to draw next? Than welcome to Scribble Pit! In this collaboration, a theme is chosen every so often and artists must/can create a picture or short comic based upon that theme! All styles welcome.

Basically, itÂ’s a casual collaboration where you can practice your artistic skills, as well as have fun with others.

PM me if your confused or interested =)

First theme will be posted soon.
intro to her is done, unless you think I should add more.
An aristocratic dust bunny with a lizard tail? Ingenious!
One more page to go.
You know, I usually don't get into collabs, but this the idea of having a mini plot is apealing. I might consider joining, if I find time to draw. I also really enjoy drawing cutsy stuff, so that's a plus. Still, I can't make promises...

Great prolouge, by the way =)
I remember reading this on Deviant Art. It amazed me then, and it amazes me now!
Hey, thanks =)
Sorry that my backgrounds are sucky. I'll have to work on those...
Wow, your art has improved quite a bit from your previous pages. Even though things might be slow for now, it's still very cute to look at =)