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A passionate writer who draws as a side-hobby.
I'm not one to be active posting my stories, as I write them usually instead of drawing them out.
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This just made my day!
Sounds good. Ready to go whenever a non-sprite comic is requested!
Since it is a sprite comic, I'll decline doing it since I do have biased against them. But I'll keep a watch out for any other comics coming our way!
I would love to help review again. Would you need us to make a review within the next two weeks, I'm guessing?
And I'm still sitting here thinking, "What happened to the Pikachu?" Ahahaa :) So sweet!
So sad I never did a final review. But life does get busier, usually unexpectedly.
Always loved reading these reviews, and I even had a great time reviewing the few that I have.
August 17th, 2012
I spot a bird!
August 10th, 2012
He spoke!
@CPD Boo has been added to the list for a Re-review. :)
I quite agree with cursedbluto. Your style fits how you review and how you wish to tell it. :) You say what needs to be said, which works for you and gets the job done. Why should there be a problem?
Though, if you're referring to what TheSilverLeague said, he sounded more like suggesting than requesting a change in your style. :) Keep it as you wish.
@TheSilverLeague XD Although many may not think it, we aren't out to rant about every comic. :) We simply review and score, notice and critique.
Webcomic can be found here ===>
Webcomic can be found here:
I know I add my scores together as well to make the final score. Unfortunately, if there is one area really needs some assistance, it can bring down an overall feeling of a comic. That's why we rate based on categories, I do believe. That way, one can see where the troubles lie specifically and where the positive attributes shine through.

@.:Kabuto:. I've added girldirtbiker's comic already. :) I've also added Team Blast.
Eyes of 9 can be found here ==>
Oh dear, all I wanted was to get this review from paper to Internet. XD ahah
At least I'm almost done with another....
@ Gatamigo and SoupCandy: XD I guess we are all very busy.

@Manga-Ka: I believe the new link has been set. :)
Comic Profile is here ===>