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I did not make my avatar.
A Smackjeeves veteran.
I write and draw sometimes.
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The comic can be found here:

Also I apologize for the page bleeding out kind of large. Still getting used to making these on an Apple.

I'll complete this review in the next day or so. Have you checked on the review for the Sprite Comic "Explanation Unnecessary" or should that be removed from the list as well.

I can do Ian Evans's comic.
@Smiffy SMF <3

I added you both to the list. Sorry that I don't review sprite comics. I don't read the style, so I don't review them (don't want biases to get in the way).
Reviewer Comment
Charming can be found at this link:

Author is artofjoe

On the side: Anyone know of any good alternatives to MS Paint on Mac? Definitely was a painful process developing the format for Smackjeeves without it.

I'll review your comic Charming. Hoping to have it done in a couple days. I'll keep you posted!
Are we building a list of comics to review right now? It's seemed scarce every time I've checked the comments.
Same as the others. Adulthood is a funny business. Job, post college, etc. However, with summer arriving, I would love to try and get in the groove of reviewing again as it was fun while it was short-lived. Might as well give it a try.
This just made my day!
Sounds good. Ready to go whenever a non-sprite comic is requested!
Since it is a sprite comic, I'll decline doing it since I do have biased against them. But I'll keep a watch out for any other comics coming our way!
I would love to help review again. Would you need us to make a review within the next two weeks, I'm guessing?
And I'm still sitting here thinking, "What happened to the Pikachu?" Ahahaa :) So sweet!
So sad I never did a final review. But life does get busier, usually unexpectedly.
Always loved reading these reviews, and I even had a great time reviewing the few that I have.
August 17th, 2012
I spot a bird!
August 10th, 2012
He spoke!
@CPD Boo has been added to the list for a Re-review. :)
I quite agree with cursedbluto. Your style fits how you review and how you wish to tell it. :) You say what needs to be said, which works for you and gets the job done. Why should there be a problem?
Though, if you're referring to what TheSilverLeague said, he sounded more like suggesting than requesting a change in your style. :) Keep it as you wish.
@TheSilverLeague XD Although many may not think it, we aren't out to rant about every comic. :) We simply review and score, notice and critique.