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Sorry, I wasn't able to do a full fight... Just a one sided fight but it will go along better with whats going to happen. So far I think this will be the bloodiest page in the comic. Also, like I said before, I am VERY sorry for not working.

But I have decided that every 20 pages, the pages will either be colored or in black and white because I've been having trouble with my coloring hand so I need to give it a rest for a while. Sorry -.- (Anyways, It looks a bit better uncolored IMO)
I am extremely sorry to all the people who read Wolf tears (Especially Jeanjackson). I'm sorry its been so long since I've updated so I am going to force myself to do one once a week even if it kill me ^^
Heh, thats the same exact thing my mom said (About the dress). Hopefully I'll get the next page done by next week. Darn, I hate not being able to get on ze computer.
Took long enough? My brace is finally off and I can draw comfortably again (Well, I could draw with it on but... uh...) I admit, I was still able to draw. I was just being lazy. So my apologies.
Yes... Sakume is back again, and this time theres gonna be a little fight. During Christmas I got some of those mannequins and idiots guide to drawing manga so they're in a bit better proportion (especially Sakume) Well, theats about it ^^ More pages coming soon. No more procrastinating.
Dang it. I was really tired when I finished this. Its supposed to say "five deaths". I guess I go fix it soon.):
This page took way longer than usual. It took me 3 or 4 days. Strange, eh? Yes, sadly, Kimiku is leaving, already. But she helps explain a bit more about the world they're living in.

Wolf tears (c) Game qwoobs
Raziel and Lorelei together would be fine ^^ This going to be more characters later on but not until chapter 4 or 5.

Lets kill Sakume! (Just don't tell Sarah, lol)
I think I know what anime it reminds you of. I'm pretty sure she used a picture from evengalian (sp?) as a reference picture. At least, thats what it looks like to me ^^
Heh, its alright, same thing happens with me, thats why I always have trouble posting pages on time. ^^ It will proably be around $10 or something like that.
Didn't see that one coming did ya?! XD Yep, Raziel is Sakume's brother. So anyways, this is pretty much where the story starts. All of chapter 1 was just put to help you understand everything and stuff.
Lorelei will do anything to keep a stranger from killing themselves. She should really pay him back anyways for helping her. ^^ I wuv my background buildings... What do you think of them?
Anyways, I'm finally getting into the habit of drawing two pages a week. I think I've done it for about 3 or 4 weeks now. Yay!

(Remember people, We're always open for Fan art ^^)
Wolf tears(c)Game Qwoobs
XD LOLOMGROFLMAO!!!!! I got to the second chapter!!! Heh, anyways, if you use your logic, you can probably guess who his sister is... Anyways, I got a new sketchbook so sorry If the page is a bit bigger. Also, I might go a bit faster because I haven't gotten as much homework and I've been pushing it off till 8 or 9 every night so...

I forgot to say. If people give fanart, I will be putting it in the extras when we publish the comic. Unless I get too many. Then I will choose the amount to go in. Well, thats about it ^^
November 5th, 2006
This looks like its going to be an interesting comic. I'm going to watch this. ^^ Also, I envy your shading and overall drawing skills. I especially like the TV panel.
I'm goign to move this to the begining of the comic soon. I decided to change the cover because well, the other one is crappy. You can probably tell who the top three people are (If you've been reading the comic ^^) But the bottem two people will be coming around the fourth or fifth chapter or somewhere around there (I don't have the outline with me right now.) Well thats about it.
I did not draw this picture, I only colored it. The lineart is by Sarah. I also edited the lines a bit too. Well, here's the start to a new chapter and I'm so happy because this is the farthest I have EVER gone in a comic (Like totally drawn out). This picture might give you a clue about some of the stuff thats going to happen in the series ^^.
Just another page. Not much to say about it. This page has the most panels out of al the other ones I've drawn though ^^ Also, I'm adding a request/fanart/official art section. I haven't gotten any fanart but I'd be glad to get some.

Wolf tears (c) Game qwoobs
I have fallen in love with this comic. Its something about the art and the story.
Another page. I'm starting to feel like the diologue sucks or I'm rushing the comic. Makes me feel bad ):. Anyways, good news. I finally posted a page at the time I said. Yay for me ^^. Lets hope Lorelei isn't HIV positive cuz shes touching him with her blood >.< Hopefully chapter 2 will be way better. Coming up after the next page.
Wolf tears (c) Game qwoobs
Sorry if it seems so rushed. There was supposed to be a fight seen but there was no way I could draw it without it looking bad. You can probably tell that I love drawing blood by the third last panel. I spent about 2 or three minutes coloring it. The first panel sucks but oh well.
Also, my apologies for not updating in so long. Bit of a problem went on but I'll update more now. Also, I'm not in algebra any more so expect more pages.
Last, I would just like to announce that once this comic is over with we will be selling it on .

Wolf Tears(c) Game qwoobs
Yeah, tegan told me I needed to make the space between her nose and chin smaller.
Yeah... This is like, 10 minutes after Lorelei, walked in (forgot to write that ^^') Sorry for the crappiness of the background. I was just being lazy. Anyways, I've got some news, I've updated the authors page so you can see what I look like and soon you can see tegan and maybe sarah. Also, I've upadated the character profiles. (This won't take effect until 7 PM august 27th)

Wolf tears (c) Gameqwoobs