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I suck at writing descriptions

She's like "I animated a bug and life is good again!" and I love her for it xD
What the flying fuck xD
Poor, poor... Flintstones girl? xD

Also thank you for adding the bookmark thingies, now I shall reread and not lose track of myself!
@ Lackadaisy: Don't we all... don't we all.

@ SunshineMoonlight: It's the same font, but I'm not accidentally switching from bold to regular anymore.

@ iAndrya: Thank you! 8D
Fun fact: That nameless angel was a woman first, but I decided I needed to draw more men, so I ended up drawing a dude on busty sketches. I think you can tell.

(Also I know the perspective makes no sense, but hey, heaven should be easy to draw or it would suck. Which it does, since it's full of angels forced to work FOREVER. Er.)
I agree with the mad conspiracy theory above my post.
Could you maybe check that thing where you put a 'bookmark' option on the pages? I'd like to catch up but I have no idea where I was again since you're so productive it makes my soul spin.

What happened/I'm sorry
I've been sick for nearly a year, but have written and sketched for this comic (I had mono/pfeiffer, actual pages were a bit too much) and decided to restart now that I actually have some idea of how I should do this (with sketches and scripts rather than "oh hey let's throw in this I'm sure it won't be a problem later").
Removing the old pages didn't feel good, but I did it to avoid canon confusion and hope you understand, if anyone remembers this comic in the first place xD I've drawn seven pages so far and I'm embarrassed that I like page one the least.

Thank you for not mass-unfaving this comic!


@ FatHobbit: Thank you (:

@ KickSatanOut: Glad it's not seizure-supplying! 8D (Or is it?)

@ SunshineMoonlight: Sorry! D: It's just that there were quite a few things in it that would have gotten me in trouble later on, though I can't explain why without spoiling the plot. Thank you for changing your mind! xD

@ U_Queen I don't like doing it, but it's really for the better, sorry xD
Nice that her stripperifficness actually makes symbolic sense. Now kick some ass and steal someone's coat or something.
That's me watching... a lot of movies. Haven't tried PS.

I really like your art style, BTW (:
*ice crystals forming*
"Yes, yes indeed!"

And I love his face.
Hahaha, b'aw (:

(...wait, why am I b'awing, this logic wakes me up early way too often D8)
*gasmask breathing*
Okay, I lol'd xD Thanks to his face+fancy font.
ROCK BEATS...puppy?
I'm kinda wondering why there are three people that sorta try to be friends with him while he is being a total ass xD

(And I wasn't sure there were two girls up until now, guess they go to the same hairdresser :B)