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August 10th, 2008
oh yeah he did it!
Fly box man is awesome!
Snoozie is the one with spit and pawn3d kitty is the one with no spit :3
and with the skull on her head :D
new characters!
Snooze, pawn3dkitty, and me!
me and henry are homies
thank my brother for the super mario gag when reading the letter
eeeeew, ugly tree xD
the wizard, where is he?
tablet fail!
fan art from Snoozie!
Snoozie is also a character for the next chapter along with pawn3dkitty :3
Should be an awesome RPG-ish chapter!
whoop whoop!
i should have :3
worst page of them all D:
the end of the chapter :D
Will all chapters be 5 pages long?
maybe :D
Originally there was no talking flower to begin with, I just added a smiling flower on a page a while ago just to show everyone im updating again xD
now he is like a mascot or something :3
So here he is, Koutsrick Ibenufin, the flower :D
Hahaha! No color for you!
Photoshop has been all weird with coloring so I cant color.
Anyway the next page is the last page of the chapter and also new character to be shown soon, the Wizard!
Another page where I dont color, I was trying my hand at black and white . . it didnt come out well :(
Anyway here is Henry again and Brass is another character to come soon.
I need comments people, or else I'll be sad D:
This is how I will introduce new characters from now on, I drew this on a sketch pad and it was very different from my old paper D:
Anyway this comic was only going to be a comic to do whatever but now I am very interested in it and is now my main concern :D
forgive me D:
Here is the rough draft of
the page, I couldnt color or pretty it up, forgive me D:
I've been working on other projects but it is summer now and I can now update again.
Anyway Brock doesnt like Henry :(
After the next few page well start a new chapter which isnt about Henry or the Chess Club at all! It is about an entirely other person!
And you thought this comic was just about Henry :3
Well, it is about Henry and this mystery character :D
I promise to introduce a new character and have a colored page next :)
Dont forget to comment, because I like to hear what you have to say about Henry!
I got me some fan-art, but I kinda made pawn3dkitty draw it :3
This was done on a paint-chat on my collab comic. anyway here it is, my first fan-art :3
I so proud

I'll draw the next page when I get out of my writer's block -_-'
HOMG I just noticed he looked like Sagat so I just had to add it in there somewhere :3
Thats sagat for you