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you don't realize how hard it is to make this. ugh but its been so long i just updated so that well... ya.
ok so i actually finished this 2 days ago...but due to complications, well ya. so i figured ICE PUNCH MAKES NO SENSE ON A SMOOCHUM!!! imagine being punched with those little hands! it would be like getting hit on the face with tofu! so i upgraded it yo.
see im actually updating at a reasonable time. my drawings have changed ALOT but 5 months will do that. by the by i actually do have a name for her.
thats actually really cute
nice, nice suggestion but....
see i actually did update! im happy to end the chapter so i can move on. the style is different but after a couple months i got better so ya. i felt bad for not doing anything for so long, i actually took time to make this look nice. now onto chapter two!
wow! surprise surprise who would of guessed :P !111!1!! almost the end of chapter 1 yay!
took me a while to put up but hey! its up! i really want to move on with the adventure to the actual story. almost done with ch.1 :D
haha you guys are sweet
more animation!
well, this is the last animation (i think) for this chapter! which is almost over :D. i really want to get to the second chapter so i did this to hurry it up. and its also kind of fun to mess around with flash. one day i might do a cool battle scene or sumptin :P
haha glad you like :D
so ya, its taken a long time for me to update but i was thinking of quitting cuz i have alot of school work but it was too much fun so im going to keep going. i felt bad about this so i animated it :). the action scrip was complicated but i got it :P im going to try to keep updating :)
i posted on time!!! and i added shading to make up for my laziness in the other ones. :)
ok ok i got really lazy! ... again! im gona start shading these one day and animating them :D that will be fun. sorry for being late
your comic looks great!
yes nintendo im onto the truth..the truth.

so ya sorry 4 posting late! there will be another by the end of this week :)
i really like this comic, its beautifully done
im really liking this comic! you put alot of hard work into the art and it looks great! i cant wait for more
its an eco friendly way to travel!