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Watching let's plays
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u gotta idea harder
allows him to feeeel
Ze ebil feather of doooom!
I like how his pants can change size. XD
Needz moar hammer throw
Questions, this comic gives us so many.
My brain, it hurts
Dun give him nothing! Be original and make him normal by giving him no powers /sarcasm.

Tho based on the effects imma say that Electricity is moar shiny. So that gets mah vote.
Link used Rollout 83
thnx for teh spritez cuz i can just sprite over the watermark 83

this is the reason why watermarks are stupid in spriting
Now watch in amazement as the knuckle bot comes back and is like ">:( not impressed"

Missed an issue, but now I'm all caught up. Dodging missile is fun...and dangerous o:
If they shoot it enough, it'll stop working o: XD
Lol, that has to suck for them.

I know how to kill it! Stab it in the energy core! *Shot*
So do I, but good luck with the next issue dude.
O: Shadow, use dat chaos spear maaang XD.

Yeah, I don't mind recolors (As lonf as they aren't blinding*, but others will be drawn away because they aren't awesome edit. And those people might disapprove of bit mixing. (Yeah I know I repeated what modern said.
Lol@2nd panel. Yeah I'd shoot at them too if they did that XD. And nao we get tails, wonder who he's being attacked by o: