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I have short brown hair. I'm very pale. I have hazel-blue eyes. I am 5'5 and a quarter. I like loose clothing for comfort more then looks. I am not popular. I am an otaku. I am completely and utterly random. I have ADHD. I LOVE TWILIGHT. Spike Spiegel rocks my socks. Tuxedo Mask is NOT gay (Rachel!). Chistopher Carrion is NOT dead. I love Bubble Tea. I think I have a blood clot in my arm, HELP! I LOVE mochi. I am Wiccan contrary to others beliefs.
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    Emma Nathan
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November 23rd, 2009
OMFG Camilo!!!!! He is SOOOOO funny!!! When he thought she was gonna cry... I nearly burst a lung laughing!
I'm so excited for the next chapter!!!
OMG!? CHILD ABUSE!!! he needs a hug and some brownies. also THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK!!! I'v been through withdrawl trying to wait for the latest comic.