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I'm a semi-gamer who hopes to have a webcomic of his own.

Likes: video games (Mega Man in particular), music, manga, spriting, pizza

Dislikes: Unsure
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    Thad Peterson
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@MasterTalon: Good point, but no one remembers Mega Man 8 for its gameplay. They remember it for the ridiculously bad voice acting.

Now, be honest. How many of you are as excited as I am?
Kung-Fu Cut Man!HAI!

...Sorry, couldn't resist.
For the record, change the characters' faces based on their mood. Also, make sure it looks like their mouths are moving. May seem like two minor things, but I'm sure it'll help you in the long run.
I think that Guts Man's arm and legs aren't proptional to his torso.
I sense accusations of insanity heading in Mega's direction.
Ok, Mitchell, there's something I don't quite understand.

You established that you no longer have the drive to continue this comic, and yet you decide that you want to remake the older comics. Technically, it's not that big of a deal, since a lot of people remake older stuff all the time. I just want a bit of a clarification.

PS-I really like your Rock sprites.
Now that the whole "300 comics" deal is over with, can somebody give me uploading priviliges please?
Another choice between sprites. After considering the response to the Rock sprites I made, I decided to make a few simple edits. So, which version is better?
My version of Mega Man's alter ego. Please C+C.
Wow! 20+ cool points for interesting character development, Djoing!
Figures that Bass' son would be just as bad as the father.

Should have thought twice, Roll.
For some reason, it always takes me a long time to upload something.

Anyway, these two are my versions of the battle form that Roll never got. The one on the left (Mega Girl A) has been in my head for quite some time while I came up with the one on the right (Mega Girl B) today.

However, I can't seem to decide which to continue with. So, why not ask my fellow spriters?

Also, C+C.
I'll give you credit. This is a pretty good twist you came up with.
My guess is that it's a second Mega Man.