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I like anime. Mostly yaoi. Current ships are Harry Potter, Naruto, and Supernatural...there's more than that but yeah, that's the run down.

I will be pleasant with you if you are pleasant with's not a hard rule to go by.
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I hope I'm wrong but...
...wait, he killed the baby dragons! Awww!! Horrible and mean! D:<
It's probably the magikarp but I'm hoping it'll be a clefairy.
Oh snap... know what just popped into my mind? ...because Brent didn't deliver Oaks package he never got his pokedex....yeah. Has nothing to do with this pg but, mind. O.oU
I agree with Zero...I thought this comic was dead actually and forgot the whole thing. While re-reading it I was reminded on how much I liked your work and plot. I hope that we'll be seeing another page sooner than a year...
July 6th, 2011
I can now defiantly see some of his mom in him...over drama-ties much Zebra?
The middle female scares me~!! TT-TT