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Hey there welcome to Dabbido Comics!!! enjoy of the comics specially check out my main comic series "ZS ADVENTURES"
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Awesome! =D now Id love to see some vector-armored sonic XP
It definitely looks better with shadows.
oh-oh....those stairs...
Im totally up for Ristar! and PULSEMAN TOO! :O hes awesome too.
Awesome comic!!! 8D its getting better and better!
Why didnt pounces head explode?! XD jk, whats with all teh deaths anyways XDD who will die next? :D TEH CLIFF PARADOX!
Ouch poor Light XDD This is one heck of a wacky random world, where slash and coop likes to kill ppl XDD even like that its fun XD I just hope all of us dead r@pe the two of them at some point...bwahaaha
Awesome!!! love the first panel! well drawn!
great comic! you draw dorumon really well!
Thats awesome! dont know why you got almost no comments here! the comic is awesome! and I know Ill enjoy this comic! I like that flying digimon! =3
THATS gonna hurt XD sorry ganon you wont have children =P
Hmm now thats interesting! it could turn out well as a mini story =3
Awesome!!! lolz that second one is kinda screwed but the comic is great cant wait to see more! Favd! btw how do you put those custom sprites for next page, previous page etc.???