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Hey what's going on?

I'm Theluigiman at DrunkDuck. :D
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I loved this page, but in the last panel shouldn't sence be sense?
Dear god its been long. Glad to see that you have returned great one.
Go read this here
LIES! I know you have more guest comics.
Clearly, it's special. >_>
No man. Gold nicknamed it Cyndaquil since he was Retarded.
@ XVegitox I really meant like.... People who would do them for me.
Is this? Another update. You all can thank xVegitox for these past few updates. Also go read his comics now. DO ETT. DO ETT. AND DO IT NOW. :D Also anyone know how to make custom hg/ss sprites?
Oshi an actual update. Yes I know its extremely lazy of me to have only two panels but think of it this way as a jump start to more new comics.
Comment, etc.

Haha, Thanks. :D
BLARG. College orientation sucked. After going to that made me feel like I didn't want to goto college anymore. OH! I'm going on vacation on June 24th and I'll be back on july 6th. Don't worry though I'll try and update. Cause I'm bringing my macbook pro :D Oh and comment because it makes me happy and provides inspiration. :D:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:D
OShi. Turns out I had a free time to make one before orientation started. :D
Comment, etc.

Your comments give me inspiration. :D
I'll have internet but because I'll be soo busy with orientation I won't have to time to access it. D:
ALSO. I Have college orientation this week so no more updates till I get back. D: BUT I will have my laptop with CS5 so I can make comics. Just won't be able to upload any. D:
No. I haven't read your comic.