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Aspiring mangaka, I update when ever I can. Thank you for reading my work, sorry for being slow.

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I should have know, but I still didn't see that coming *slow claps* bravo! bravo! > v <
yesssss I love how up till this point Circe has always been the one at the top, now it's reversed and she's getting a taste of what she had coming for a long time!! I wonder how she'll come back though O v O

that looks of horror on her faceeeee~~~
AHAHAHAHAHA so cute, and so adorable~ I feel so much love here~
of course~ books, pretty lady, mysterious man who likes books xD why am I not surprised~
Hey I noticed you reside in canada, would you happen to be selling these comics at any of the Canadian conventions like AnimeNorth, Fanexpo etc?
LAwlllllllllllllll I LOVE D<3<3 his lines always cracks me up!! xD
*waves to escaping marbles* xD xD
lol @ "in case of emergency" button xD
Q A Q CAAAAIIIINNNNNN<3<3<3 ahh man I love these two and their beautiful bromance<3 T A T their both so awesome!!!
Gyaaaaaaaaa My heart!!!!! Q A Q Wessss cain!!!!<3<3<3
great expression! and movement! :3 it's looking really good~ :D
Oh my Q , Q I love this moment~<3 cassy's "apparently" drunk confession, and the ways she says it in third person<3<3 SO CUTE<3
oh wow! the style you did for this one is very neat! I've seen other artist try this out too, I've always wanted to give my hand at this kind of style but there's a lot to consider xD still very cool~!! I can't wait to see more :) :)
lol<3 awwwwww can't hide anything from the SHalala detectors<3 ;D

I love the colors~ and the flow of the narrative :3
Ahahahah~!!!<3 I really like how this is going~!! :D the entrance was so smooth~ xD
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these two<3
and ouch, gosh the poor Doc's head T A T;;
ROFL!!!!!! That's the cutest and funniest reunion<3<3 I love it<3
Ohhhhhh I love all the new hair styles so beautiful<3 and ah~ how I've missed cassandra<3<3 baby bartering<3
I love you Kane D: D: D:
this scene really made me wish this was a movie!! T A T

lol cat is shorter than Cal. xD xD;;
oh gosh I love her slap back!! xD, and her strength after almost dying, Look she's on to something ˚ v ˚
oh my, oh my!!
the 3 panel scene in the middle shows a really nice transition of her emotions :D I can really feel what she's going under!