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I like sports anime and manga, Agatha Christie and Terry Pratchett novels, One Piece, fried chicken, lemon squares, and sleeping.

Some days, I wish I wasn't unemployed. Other days, I tumblr.
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March 11th, 2014
keeping the prologue short and sweet
The page numbers are a countdown.
March 10th, 2014
Manu is so adorable. That face! So cute!
March 9th, 2014
in retrospect, oops
It occurred to me that I haven't introduced my protagonists. The pillows are Esca and Odey. From the extra chapters, you will see that Esca has pink hair. That's not her natural hair color. Odey's is green around the roots, and that's not natural either.

Hover on the image to see who's who.

Releasing Esca's and Odey's character profiles after the prologue. If there's anything you want to know...
And then a new profile every time a new character appears.
March 9th, 2014

In the spirit of have-patience-on-my-incompetence, I'm uploading a doodle of Esca and Odey's childhood. Please hold.

Um. Then I'll see you guys on Wednesday for the real prologue. *fades away*
March 6th, 2014
2 pages left in the prologue (among other things)! Starting from Chapter 1, the updates will be once a week every Wednesday. :D (Or Tuesday in some parts of the world?)
March 6th, 2014
@Enrin: They can be both! You'll see this in later chapters. :D Thank you!
March 4th, 2014
Up to date!
Or should I really say something like that when I'm only 4 pages into a chapter...? OTL

Posting this before going about things I normally do on a Wednesday (which would be nothing). Next page will be up on Friday!
March 4th, 2014
And so it begins...
Welcome to 152! A tale of two friends, but encompasses quite a bit more than that.


TBH I'm still torn between keeping the prologue or making it a side story-- in the end I'm already posting it, but once I start with chapter one, I may redraw the prologue to incorporate some changes.

For now, please enjoy the start of this comic. I'm posting up to page 3 of the prologue today, and then page 4 tomorrow according to the WF schedule.
"I've given it a curlywurly. It's mine."
Good enough for me. xD
... D:

Oh, it's alright. We can take it! As long as you don't die on us and keep us hanging forever. (Not to jinx anything.)

I kept clicking and clicking and yet... Is it just me or did Kaze become more handsome since the last time I commented (as roeycleine)? ...And Kale's mom is creepy-cool. Haha, Keiruk--Karin.
"Yes. You're exactly right."

THAT'S IT. I have decided to make you fanart, and I will not show my face until I've made that fanart, damn it, you're so coooool, Qwchestr. *o*
Your new icon is awesome. *__*

Sanders is so MEAN. I don't think Jock is ugly; more like pretty. Er, that is, he'd make a very cute Fluffy Bunny. xD
=3= b Oh, so Sanders has compassion after all.

Your roughs are so cute. *v* And Tamsin too.
He will valiantly guard the door!
Kidding. I choose B -- but since this is shounen, I will amend that to be: with Jidai though with a reasonably manly distance between them. Not enough to make them GAY, but enough for it to MATTER.
OH DIAMOND. If only you were a little less... pointy. (And -- Spades is awesome.)