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Hello! Just wanted to give you small advices:
1) The perspective is nice, but she could have been a bit bigger, since she's in front. I know he's taller, so they should be about the same size, but she still could have been a bit bigger.
2) His left index looks broken. Either the whole hand should have been fully extanded, or the index folded like the other fingers.
3) Her left arm looks twisted because of her hand. I would suggest placing the palm and the four fingers in front of her hip (hidden to the readers) and only showing the thumb, or then showing a full fist resting on her side, instead of the semi-fist that shows a space between the four fingers and the thumg.

And the humor is awesome ^_^ Keep it up!
As ever, your art is awesome! I just hope there is gonna be more action happening in the next panels ^_^
Love the dress!
Hope we can make it this month! YAY for 2 updates a week! ^_^
Nice! Panels 1 and 4 have an out-of-the-ordinary camera and it makes them really original. Keep it up!
Don't worry, if we don't have it this month, we'll have it the next.
That is a great incentive to vote, I shall help! Top 100, here we come!
Oh, and last panel, great semi-angry semi-disapointed face. She really looks annoyed.
Great update! I think she has kind of a big nose, but otherwise everything is perfect. It's the first real read-haired character I've seen drawn. Keep it up ^_^
I really like your comic. The art is one of the best I have seen since Gunnerkrigg court. I really hope you will put a lot of importance on this one cause I see a lot of great potential in it.
Keep up the good work ^_^