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:U I like drawing and more when it's yaoi related. I also love making new character designs. ouo I have fun making ideas for stories. :U There's more but I can't think of anything. XD
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I should have said this sooner but I iave not had net access to post the next page and as much as it hurts to pass my turn I am going to have to since I have no clue when I will get net again. ; H ; And I was REALLY looking forward to it. /sob I will do a filler comic or something cool then post it when I get net back. Also really wish I could see the updates but my phones sucks and I cannot see them well. ; w ;
@Yookami: Aww yeah. ovo Thank you.
@VampireFlower: lol Like it cat or wait like a meowth. >U> ffff rofl

All from having WAY too much time on my hand. :'D lol Yep same here. Nope. They don't know at all about each other. Hell for all Apollo knows he's the one and only Arceus. I wanted to always talk more about it with my friend but I always forget. :'D
@Mission^666: Yes it does which keeps making me have this giggle fit.
@VampireFlower: lol Well he is handsome can't blame you.

Aww yeah. Gonna enjoy that. 8D

That's suppose to be his tail. I just always kept forgetting to put one on him. He's actually suppose to be more like a clone you know like Mewtwo is to Mew cut more successful and made as a shiny. <---That's the guy he was cloned from. lol It's my friends guy but I did small changes since the whole cloning and what not. :U
*death by cute and laughter* <3
@Mission^666: Not gonna lie. Drawing his nose it actually my fav part. rofl. :'D And thank you. >u<
Thought I'd do a simple ref for Apollo mainly to show clothes and what not. Sorry for how crappy it looks. :,D Man do I draw him way different now.

I would do this for Marmar but I think everyone as fully seen his clothes. >w> Also thinking of the possibility of putting in another character in here. Hmmmmm. *thinks*
@chimaera_avon: Also sorry I haven't put you on the list. I forget every time. :'D I'll put you on tomorrow when I have time. Hopefully I won't forget.
@chimaera_avon: Oh dang I forgot to edit this. I'll do this tomorrow.
X'D OMG this is just hilarious.
@VampireFlower: It's nothing really. ouo And it should be Blackbolt's turn since I was the last one who posted.
The new updated Posting order list.

For those that are not on this list don't worry, just comment below and you will be placed at the end of the list. If you are new you must make sure to have your character(s) up. You also have a week to post something even if it's just a wip. If you can't post because of some reason please and I mean PLEASE inform the next person so we can keep this comic going.
@Blackbolt52003: Aww yeah. Be funny to see him try picking him up or holding him. :'D lol ok ok. If it helps his hair was kind of basic off Cloud from Final Fantasy.
XD Sad thing is that I think he wouldn't mind cuz Quinn's cute would cover it. Though he would worry about the height sometimes.

lol Sorry his hair is hard. Sometimes it's hard for me. Maybe I should give him a hair cut.
@Blackbolt52003: OH GOD KID BLAZE?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE YES! 8'D I would want to hug that little guy so much I would NEVER wanna let go. >u<
Fffffff I just keep lovin this guy more and more.
XD I had a feeling you would react something like this. Plus Apollo is like a little kid when it comes to relationships. So to him holding hands or even touching hands is like you’re already something to the other or 'special'. :’D
It's cuz his size and looking scary sometimes that people avoid him. Self-esteem is low for him. lol I don't think he would mind that.
He is seriously my fav mudkip. 8D