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I'm erickthesonicfan (AKA: ErickTH). I like videogames, RPGs, flash, and comics :P

You can also find me in DA, MG, NG, Youtube, and Gaia.
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What is this.
Pokemon battle, Chao version?
Yay, we get to see more of Smart Knux 8D
I know which is the drink she'll make him test first.
So, he CAN take orders from Eggman, but not from that guy?

*insert Sonic Heroes' storyline*
I still preffer sprite :3
Blue is Sexy.

You know why?

Because the sky/sea/sonic/myOC/lots of layouts/stuff are blue :3
I'm interested too, but first, i need to make more sprites of a certain character

(which might take a while)
It's the sexy spoon of sexiness!
joo, debieron haber tomado demasiado, eso, o esa botella tenia demasiado gas.
I tought his, er, her parents abandoned Tails long ago O.o
pop goes the weas-- fox.
a MILF in your list? lol
Kick Him in teh Nuts!
If it's unnefective, it's A FAKE! 8D
please update this comic, i want to keep reading it here <: