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Lol, just wait till 12th 8)

>Punch her in the abdomen, then tell her what an ass she is for not just telling it to you straight. Then steal her cloaky/thing.
Is it bad that I copy commands I agree with because I want them to have a higher chance of being chosen?

>Walk in casually and act like you didn't hear what they said.
>Eavesdrop as well as you can, and when you hear anything remotly violent, bust in the room and ice freeze who ever spoke violently.

I love the new layout :)
" least she's not a smoking bomb or something. xD That would've been dangerous. ^^ "

That made the comic twice as funny for me xD I imagined it. XD
>Put the note in your inventory, then proceed to another room that you haven't been to before.
>Pick up the note, then examine the poster on the wall.
I love this comic ^^

>Open the other door in your room.
Will the dog notice too? D:

Also, I think he has rabies >:

Lol, epic.
I like. I like very much :3
This looks great! and the smile in the last panel reminds me of Gir xD