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Well i do bear things.. you know, pedo bear things. I chat up little wee gals on the Inter web ect, ect. Ahaha
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Fuck you, I'm becoming a Christian now. More little boys to show the light to. HehehehehHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAKAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.
Your a douche.
I-I-I-I... forget it, I tried. But a Bears love isn't welcome any where. GOOD BYE CRUEL WORLD!
It's at this pinnacle movement that shows you the sheer wonders of an epic movie at play. One would look back at this in years to come and think is it a approachable? One may think so, but one would most defiantly be wrong. Credit to this moving scene. The scene where he places his strong, ambient penis inside her tight virgin vagina made a tear tinkle down my soft, brown Pedo Bear face. *applauds*
Cool story bro.
Your a cruel man, you know that... :'[
The Graphics on this penis is just mouth droppingly amazing. 10/10 buddy! KEEP IT UP! YEEEEAAAH! *HIGH FIVE!* ;D
But's I's your number one fan... D:
May I take a gander and say it's most likely because of the corresponding change in the intermolecular forces on the opposing side?
May I ask why the Chinese have fallen out with the Romanians.. when the Romanians obviously are superior. If one may question..
This should be "R"...
Wait I see no pirates.. HA-HA good one aye' boys! *boys chuckle* (apart from Jimmy he lost his voice in a trampoline accident)
STAR: 10/10 "I just jizzed my pantys" SUN: 10/10 "tis' but-a-ful :')" Playboy: 10/10 "Well, what can I say.. It's just, just I dunno what to say un-explainable"
HAHAHA KFC & HE'S BLACK! 10/10.. Fucking nigga's..
u leev im alon u prick i bet u up with me spiidys weeb *peee-chooooooooom-peeeee-chooooooom* OH RIGHT!
Oooooh kewwwl deeeewds spiiiider mannn is likee de bestest eva!! u made a fkn great comic mate 5 * spider man himslef wold be prod