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I like to play video games and make sprite comics. My favorite video games are World of Warcraft, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, Supreme Commander 2, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

My friends on Smackjeeves are Kidmoney, Sonic Colors Rocks, Titanius, Sonicballzx, and Blaze the Hedgehog
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    Is this a trick question?
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Sorry I'm two days late, but Happy Birthday! :)
A mafian. I might change it sooner or later
Hey It's me!
Dude plz don't leave. BTW I don't think I go bezerk. Also, what's gonna happen to maniac in LoPth? And the movie?
I recognize this guy from somewhere :P
Sonic the Hedgehog 4 fan 41
lol, nice comic


and also, could Paladin be an unlockable character? Or is it too late for that?
yea, I just banned him, knowing the same things you just said
he's a troll. I went to see if there was anything going on in my comic this morning, and i found a comment of him saying the my comic is "gay and horrible"
I wonder what's going to happen when Yoshi comes back...
Luigi is going to come and kick ass, I just know it
poor sonic, the recolors and hybrid versions of him overwhelmed him... so he goes to Mexico, but they'll follow him
It doesn't look good for Sonic, since he has been cowering for the past 2 pages. Although, Mario might be getting a comeback...
I'll cameo, and I think you should have my sprites
Seems like Mario is becoming a coward :P
Also, you're one comic away from you're 300th comic. Congrats!
Even if Sonic attacks Mario from behind, he might just duck and be protected by his shell, unless Megaman and Sonic attack mario at the same time
Real good sprite
Why do you mess with the emeralds!! fav'd
Hmmm... I bet the spamming hammers