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they're adorable <3
"your boobies look big today"

it's over now? ):
that was really great and i enjoyed it so much... ^^
Sometimes I think so too, and sometimes I just feel... admiration. x]

I'm glad you understand ^^
I can only speak for myself of course, the reasons for suicide are many and complicated and personal, but yes, in my case it's got to do with depression and is more of an illness.
Seeing as Elise had to take medication, I'm thinking it was similar for her. xp
That's a common misunderstanding. I would like to stop this conversation before it gets carried away too, though since you seem genuinely curious I will say one more thing-

I don't think that suffering can be quantified, and I think different people are better equipped to deal with tragedy and suffering than others.
You have a tough life, and as you say, you have the mental capacity to deal with it. Other people simply do not, and it's not their fault.

I, to be honest, have had a great life.
My family loves me, I'm not abused, I get food everyday, money's not a problem (though we're not exactly rich), no one close to me has died. I often feel that I'm not worthy of feeling the way I do for that very reason- I should be a wonderful, happy person, and help everyone else feel better! but that doesn't make it stop.
I couldn't tell you why I'm suicidal, why I feel the things I feel when I want to kill myself- I just feel them.
It might be that I inherited depression from my mother, (it seems to be a trend in my family), and that it's just significantly worse, I don't know.
But I don't think being suicidal always has to do with how "tragic" your life is according to /other/ people, who have different capacities for pain. It's just... the way I am, I could say. It's very very hard to explain, but I hope that that's understandable.

Believe me, nobody wants to feel this way. If I could be a happy person and stop dragging negative feelings after me all the time, I would do that in an instant. But it is never ever so simple. Humans are curious creatures.

Well, that's all.
Nice talking with you.
I really feel for Elise and understand her pain,
thank you so much for making this comic! ^^

in regards to suicide:

Being a suicidal person, I can agree with everyone here that suicide has nothing to do with cowardice whatsoever. The two are completely unrelated,
and sparrowspazz, your comment is/was indeed distasteful and offensive.

There are so many complex reasons for suicide- and it is a strong, crippling, terrible, horrible, sad, tragic, evil, painful, cutting, dreadful, gut-wrenching, breathtaking, depressing, unexplainable feeling that can do all kinds of things to a person, and unless you've experienced it, I guess I can't hope for you to understand it, but please, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not go spouting BS like that. You really have no idea how being suicidal feels, or what goes into it. These feelings, are so.... HORRIBLE, and if I could just feel better and magically stop, I would.
There are so many people who misunderstand suicide it's not even funny.
The two things (cowardice and suicide) usually have nothing to do with each other at all,
and honestly, how do you expect to help suicide stop if you go around calling suicidal people cowards?
To be honest, it's very insensitive and hurtful.
well when i say woah/whoa the h comes after xP.

however firefox spellcheck says it's whoa, not woah.
...but it's a sound. xP
not gonna lie i love this ship but
i mean i wasn't saying youuu doing that got on my nerves, just... the situation frustrates me in a good way. because i love them. xD
clover should be asexual
that kind of thing gets on my nerves, they should just confess to each other, it would be cute. <3 xp
seme/uke is annoying. x]

but i knew this really interesting yaoi author who always took who you thought the typical uke would be and made them seme. it was awesome. xP
ren.... i love you... but seriously... x]
*frets* O:
awww you don't have to do that seriously,
we can live without a sex scene, really, i don't think too many of us were /that/ serious about it.

you're so sweet though ♥
what did clover dooooooooooooooooo?

and am i the only one who can tell monday and aiden apart? >_>
rip mj <3
i still think ren's ass-kickingness is lovely <3
aww i got to the end already. *clicks next button over and over* x]