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"Bee boo boo bop? Boo boo beep bop? Not 'bee boo boo beep'? Bop? Beep?! Boo boo bop!"
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"booga booga booga"
hell yeah, Zombie Stabbers still goin' strong
I love that Chie's giant "WHAT" is a thought bubble lol
"I'm gonna..." turn into a werewoof
that's some leap, geez.
nice one, Jon
the kid's face on the ground lol
man I really feel for Chie here. excellent emotion, Maaria.
Hello! It’s been a while!

After an illness early last year and a busy summer, I’ve moved to a new city to begin a new job. With what’s going on in my life right now, I’ve been thinking hard about whether it’s feasible for me to continue a long-term comic project.

Harmonia is a story I came up with several years ago, and I have been thinking over my motives for sharing it. Do I still feel a need to tell this story? Should I tell it as a comic, or something else? Do I believe in it enough to put in the time and effort to create it? And so on.

As exciting as creating and sharing Harmonia has been, I don’t want to miss out on other aspects of my life because I’m dedicated to a comic project. Not that both can’t coexist, but at the moment I want to focus my energy and attention on my outside work, and have the freedom to take what other opportunities come my way.

All that’s to say that Harmonia the comic is off-air. Is it the end? I don’t know, but thank you so much for your interest in the story, and as always, thank you for reading!

I misread the second panel and thought he called Jon a "hot dog" what
those are some legs he's got there geez
The Main Character
"the most powerful wiseguys" lol I love that
Kyaaa! Are you ready?

(That's all for now! See you in February!)
Spooky stuff.
Thanks. We're also glad we could make this mandatory meeting.
I love that face!
I love that he wears the lipstick the whole page ha ha...
uhh how old are they... 14???
haha I love Elias' enthusiasm. "Oh boy!"