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Lol :P I think most Pokemon make the sound that is the first syllable of their name. Except Snorlax. I don't think it talks.

The page looks awesome as always, even if your tablet did break.
I'd run away from those teeth too, LOL. It's like a rattata on steroids, I think.
LOL! This page put me in a good mood before going to work. :) Looking forward to the next page.
You and this comic are awesome. And poor DT!
while this is clearly DragonThing going to do, exactly? Magically double-evolve into Charizard? Lulz
Aww, this story is so cute! How do you pronounce Ren's name? Like Rin or...? I'm not so good with the accents... my French teacher would be sad :<
I like 3 the best
dream eater, yummy
The drawing is very pretty and thank you for explaining~
January 31st, 2010
wait, where'd he come from? wasn't he elsewhere?
January 24th, 2010
This story is so good and I love your art~! Sorry about your kid
I wish you could draw the whole comic in that style, but I guess it would take longer.

Our really old printer worked with windows ME, XP, but died at Vista. So now the new one works good with Vista. |D I dunno if I'll upgrade to 7, don't think I need to.
Replace his eyes with lazer beams
Happy ending yaaay :D
He stills look good, even when he's homicidal :D Can't wait for the next page
The way you drew this page is fantastic, their expressions are perfect. I'm dying for the next page. *.*
He kind of looks like the genie? I love the art on this page
January 3rd, 2010
I love this comic, the art is fantastic and the story is good~
This comic is awesome. The humor isn't over the top (Gintama drove me batty). So, like, does he have multipersonality disorder or... something? XD
I'm 17, 5' tall, and I don't look 17. People get hit in various parts of their body for terrible short jokes. :<