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I like manga, anime, video games, fantasy/sci-fi books and yaoi. My hobbies are drawing, reading, swimming and lazing around. Although I've never been good at it, I like writing fiction. I have only drawn short mini-comics, but I'm trying to start a series.
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Lol, sorry for making you feel like pedos
Not really a real update, but...
I guess this came from my desire to draw something cute (and slightly pedofile-ish?) and my desire to update this collab.

Hah! Damin would've killed me by now if I weren't his GOD!!!! Oh, and you found out one of his little secrets!He has a snake tattoo that spirals down his right thigh!

Whatda ya think?!
A Real (Lazy) Update
Ima Zombeh too~~!

My god, this is old-ish. I got really lazy after just inking the page, but I figure a lazy update is better than none, so I finally posted it..
Aww, he's cute! ^.^

So, uh, DOES our school have a uniform?
I think that even we are just barely alive.... >.<""
Haven't updated 'till now 'cause I got grounded right after exams! }:(
It's just a quick sketch, but I figured it was better than nuthin'. Might replace it with a better version later.

Anymore ideas on a plot?!?!?!?!
January 25th, 2010
You walk in on someone getting raped and the first thing you think is, "No way! He's the bottom?" XD Ha! I love him!(can't remember his name)
'Nother Filler
I don't draw this guy very offten ^^
I think I fail at making things 'cute'....

We really need to figure out what we're going to do for a plot...
Yay! Lui finally has an uke! Sniff...I'm so proud of him! ^^

Y'know, I don't think we ever decided on a plotline....
Sure, I'd love it if you drew them together!
Lui doesn't have an uke yet, so he hasn't gotten ANY action for a while.
Sigh... poor sexually frustrated Lui. v.v
Aw, Rex looks so cute.
Read right to left.

Lui isn't a moron, really... he just doesn't think when he gets excited...
Ha, it's cute.

Hey, did we ever decide on a sort-of-plotline?
Well, why don't you pick an unsuspecting vict- erm, I mean lucky guy?
Merry Early Christmas
Unfortunately I can't use my personal compter or scanner, but I figured this collab needed and update because of how neglected it is, so I used paint. What a pain!

Well anyway, Merry Early Christmas!
November 2nd, 2009
Wow. Really random page. I likes her pants! ^.^
Sketch of Lui. That's what he usually wears. It's my first time drawing mucles, does it look weird?