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I'm going to be going to art school starting in January, going for my BFA in Illustration. Despite this, I don't have any active webcomics right now. I've started a couple, but they've all failed. I just can't seem to stay motivated to finish one, even when I have ideas. So, with that said, don't expect much from me on here. I may post the occasional art piece, but I doubt there will be any full time comics. I do apologize for that.
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So this is an AU where Rose Lalonde joined Team Rocket.
It's adorable in its first panel but then in that last one the only word that crosses my mind is "DOOM"
What Atty doesn't know is that Mankey like to hang out outside Mt Moon. Little buggers got me past those darn rock types sometimes. Course, I usually just catch a Nidoran and level it up until it learns Double Kick, but you get my point.
SWEET BABIES has this chapter really been going on since SEPTEMBER? And this chapter started after he first lost? Wow... time flies... and it has been a LONG one! Keep up the amazing work!
Annnd "use Growl!"
Once Upon A Time...
I'm curious if you watch the show Once Upon A Time. Rumpelstiltskin is a main character (and they've been focusing on him a lot lately). They've taken several unique approach with his story (as well as incorporating him into other well-known fairy tales).
That Onix is ridiculously large. It's a scary onix.
George is so silly... doesn't she know that Charmander, while cute, will not be very effective in a battle past Mt. Moon?
I know everyone else said it, but I have to chime in: That reference made my morning lol
I always loved Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle.
My, he caught that thing over a year ago in real time... daaanngg time, where'dja go?
Pikachu can work. I seriously beat Brock with just Charmander and Pikachu in RED version, so there was no Metal Claw or Iron Tail involved.
So I guess the Pewter Gym is a Ground Gym now, huh? I do find it interesting to see how things have changed since Ash's day.
Oh no kidding, happens too often.
Time Warp
I just had a flashback to when I first discovered this comic (which is how I found Smackjeeves), and where it was then, and how long it's been. The most recent page was when Oak "broke" and was blabbing on, they has just got their Pokemon, and it was a rare color page... man, how time flies! I am SO glad this comic is still going strong. So many just died out of no where.
Edit: Just checked, that was over 3 years ago O_o
@Z2: Aw, no, he won't need that. I beat Brock with just Charmander and Pikachu in Red version, and there's no Metal Claw there.
No worries!
Don't worry Atty, I just started playing Red Version, and I beat Brock when all I had was a Charmander and Pikachu, too! (total coincidence, mind you. I didn't realize I had the same Pokemon as Atty until I left Pewter).
@H0lyhandgrenade: I agree, rulers are for wimps. Okay, maybe not wimps. But that's the excuse I use to cover for the fact that I'm too lazy to mark all the measurements needed to properly use a ruler. Eyeballing it, all the way.
Oh man, totally! It didn't occur to me as a kid, but when I picked up my games again a couple years ago, I was like "...wait a minute, what do you mean you hope to see me again? You want my Pokemon to get hurt?". They changed it in HeartGold and SoulSilver to something like "Please, come back any time." which sounds a bit better. Then they changed it back in Black and White. -__-
Totally understand how that goes. I only wish more people could be understand, and not be so harsh about you not updating for a while. As you said, no one is paying this. You're doing it for fun, because you want to, but you aren't obligated to do it. No one should make you feel like you "let them down" just because you have a life outside the comment. You do a beautiful job with the art and story, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out, but don't ever bite off more than you can chew! Stress is never fun.