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Shyguy Kingdom.
For the win? What does Pwnzorz mean? Well?
At the time, her English name wasn't announced yet. So it used Rosetta from the Japanese version. I still think they shouldn't have changed it.
I like how the tears fade to blood. Very poetic.
^^; sorry
Couldn't think of a better title. Just moving the story along.
The next comic will feature the characters you choose. So PM me which pair you want to see, with the subject ROB. 1 for me and Mario and 2 for Peach and Snake.
I think Green was Dyson. I know Drshnaps. I read his comics.
Check out Bottomline Stories. You'll find your answer there.
Doc was gonna say 37, but he got interrupted.
Annoying, isn't it?
I can't help it.
I love a good plot movement.
To start...
Wait until next comic is posted and press next

xD lol
Sorry If I don't have any cool fonts. More comics coming soon.
Interviews can go wrong sometimes. Kudos to you if you get the joke on the Bottomline (bottom of the comic, the purple space).
... it would look like this.
My way of celebrating the confirmation of Stage Builder in Brawl. Oh, before I forget, creds to ?Unknown? for the Snake sprite. Yes, that's a name, apparently.
Thanks for the suggestion, but this comic doesn't need backgrounds. If you read my other comic series, you get why these comics don't have an elaborate background.
Kudos to you if you remember that episode of Pokemon.
Augh! The pink! It burns!
Sorry if this comic is kinda hard to look at. I don't know what I was thinking.
The title says it all.