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You know, of all the shows that I have been hooked to as of late...I have yet to see a full episode of Doctor Who. It's like...I repel blue phone booths and "magic wrench pens".
The page turned out soooo great! I am glad I was able toe watch its creation!

I kind of like the angle of them being their children--because they are. Although I don't have kids of my own, I consider anything that I have to care for and that care for itself to be my child. Hell, my cellphone falls into that category! Though I can see that old farts argument--to the rest of the world, the hybrids are abominations that will never fit in. Doesn't make him any less of a dick though. Just because you "created" it doesn't mean that you have the right to just...destroy a sentient being...ya know? that SELPHIE FROM FINAL FANTASY VIII?! 8D
Yea...I feel like there is a meddling kids moment going on here...

But I also think it's funny that EVERYONE thinks he is gonna go running back to you know who.

Dude, Mika left XD He made his soon to be hit song and is GONE! Now, on to the drama of Alex finding him PACKING HIS BAGS!
-"Don't worry, we'll always be friends"
February 13th, 2012
@Hazel: Yea, I think you have to donate to 20 or so? Not constant payments, but Toilet Genie has their own site that is not hosted by Sj and it just uses Sj as directory to the actual site. You don't have to keep their interface.
I do believe that you can keep your site attached to SJ and have your own domain. You'd have to look it up, but I remember seeing this. Basically SJ just redirects to your website from your old domain and you sill have the functionality of your new domain...Dunno what happens when you update a page though.

EDIT: Congrats on the new site also!
December 31st, 2011
It's nice to see you up and running again. I've wanted to start drawing this type of thing for a while and thought it was sad that you got ban hammered. I'm REALLY glad to see a fellow pornographist keeping the work flowing.
o . o? I have no idea what she is all. I am so lost...Am I too young to get this joke? I think I need and adult :(
November 28th, 2011
Aww...I totally get it now. :3
Flesh eating mutants made Raccoon City...and it was thrilling and maybe raccoons made that game?...lols
November 24th, 2011
Dude. Skyrim.
Well, this is QUITE interesting...:3 Quite Quite interesting. I never pegged that Mugger would be into him. Or maybe it's just someone being naked that isn't gay or a chick....ROFL
@Kenno Arkkan: Haha...yea well. Knowing my luck, the person who would come in on that would either be my roommate or both of his. All of which would never let either of us live it down. At the same time, they probably expect this sort of thing from me :p
You know, its stuff like this...I wonder if I could get my guy to do that every time I came


I kinda KNEW that something would happen, but I wasn't sure if she would be embarrassed or gungho about it. But the whole thing came out extremely awkward and hilarious. I love this comic. :3
Parkour...I'd only do it if I was a comic book character :3

Also, will they jump onto and strip the pole like Mario too O . O!!

That could be taken so wrong /shot
So I have been pretty aloof and was just waiting for the new update. This...this made the wait so much better. Everyone that was in the room with me lol'd so hard! :3

Have I told you you were awesome, today? You're awesome today! :3 boyfriend does it too....o.o
Meh, there is a time and place for everything :p