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Making a short description of myself about what I like, my hobbies, and occupation seems a tad tedious when you feel you improved your grammar. I'll try to make this as brief as humanly possible. Hello, I am Samy Salti! I make a comic series called Salti of Dreamland from time to time. I'm also an amateur actor, so you guys probably never heard of me. I've done a few projects here and there. I'm currently just a student learning how to become a better actor, so far so good. Well, enjoy SoDL.
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I honestly have no clue why...
I'm just a roll right now. Just really excited to release pages!
Oh hai!
I'm not good at this update thing, but here ya go!

Also join: community! It's a bunch of Kirby Fans with fan characters.
Might become a regular thing now.
So tonight the guys at requested I do a stream on how I make sprite comics. I agreed, and I might make this a regular thing, so follow me on for future streams!
Here we are.
New page! Enjoy kiddos!
New home for Salti of Dreamland! *CHECK COMMENTS*
Wow! It's been two years since this web comic has been updated. I'm almost certain the regulars of the comic series are looooong gone from Smackjeeves. I do wish to apologize for the delay of not updating, but things have gotten hectic, and really fun as well.

Anyways, Salti of Dreamland has a new home! is where you can check out some really awesome sprite comics, along with mingle with Kirby Fanatics. It's essentially a home for those who have Kirby Fan Characters!

Also, if anyone happens to have Betty the Puffball sprites laying around their computer I'd appreciate being sent them, because I can't find them anywhere! SolaraTheHedgehog probably doesn't have them anymore, and I would ask, but she's not anywhere to be communicated with.

See you next page!

PS: Special thanks to for the updated Salti Sprite Sheet!
Ta-dah! End of Chapter 1
Now to get ready for Chapter 2.
herro, again! You thought I died didn't ya?
Lineart done by:

Shading done by: ME! :D

Here's another page.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :D
Sorry for the delays guys.
For more info on why I haven't been around: 38
I'd say 2 as well.
I just read every page of this comic, and I've gotta say I really, really enjoy this comic. Not gonna lie it's probably one of the few good sprite comics on the site. Excellent work. You now have another fan. Looking forward to more pages. Keep at it.
Unlucky page 13.
What will happen next?
Didn't think I was going to update so soon, now did ya?
Well to be perfectly honest neither did I. I got help from a friend to keep me motivated. ENJOY!
@Kirbysmith [DJ]:

Do I dare spoil the surprise? Or should I allow you interpret it that way?
Another page... another anticipated reader.
Enjoy ladies and gentlemen!
I'm going to bed...
...Sorry once again for the late page... Good night or Good Morning... Whatever time you've got!
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: You shall find out soon.

Informative Wall of Text!