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Most intermissions probably won't be relevent to the chapter before or after it. This is an exception.

And now you know what George's mom looks like.
@ScandalousManHugs: Well, I personally wouldn't say that about it, but I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!
@ScandalousManHugs: Thank you. I was afraid I was being too subtle with that joke.
@ScandalousManHugs: Glad you enjoyed it! It's nice to have a fan.
George is grumpy when he's sleepy.
Continuity Error? I say not!
They went back to Liz's place to grab her a sweater shortly after the last page, then came back. Yeah, we'll go with that.
Unneeded Backstory
This is the same ghost from Dickens' story. He thought the Marley-wannabe had a good idea and decided to go along with it.
There's a chance I might have based this ghost's appearance on the late Captain Lou Albano...ok, I did.
Ah, the memories.
I hated drawing her. Tip: when designing a character, don't make the design more complicated than you can draw.
Unneeded Backstory
That's not Jacob Marley. He's a ghost who enjoyed A Christmas Carol when he was alive, and in his death, decided to bring a similar experience to those who need it. He does it every year.
Still not happy with this page. Seems more George-like than Liz-like.
That's a pretty Doomguy-esque face for Phil in panel 2. Especially since he's never played Doom.
Sorry, Mr. Dickens. I really do enjoy the original version of your story.
This isn't the official Chapter 3, and in fact, takes place much later on in the story. However, it's not important to the overall scheme of things, and can be read as a stand-alone tale. Enjoy!
Ok, you got me.
Part of my motivation for putting Squid-Man in this comic is mostly so I'd have an excuse to draw a superhero/supervillain fight. I regret nothing!
That's a lotta text.
I couldn't help myself: http://gyazo.com/da8c77e9caf7344db2db7370967cf2ac.png
Here, kitty, kitty...
Hey, it's the Catgirl! That drawing of her up top is miles above the one I originally drew back in '05. Yikes.
So, it begins.
I apologize in advance for the visual quality of this one. That's what I get for mixing drawings done years apart from each other.
Introducing Intermissions!
In between chapters, I'll be adding single-page comics that will either have a self-contained gag or add some insight to the preceding chapter.
This is the former, hatched from a conversation with my 4-year old cousin about Rice Krispies.