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I love to draw, play video games, and voice acting.

A college graduate who majored in 3D animation.
One of my goals is to contain as much knowledge in Art and Animation.
I'm forever inactive at this site, but I still like to be creative.

Old message:
Please check out my art at DeviantArt (I would appreciate it~)
"I'm nice and shy, but hyper online~"
('o')/ Go Sanders! GO!

Oh! How did it go~?
Oh no~ How will they make it out of this~?
Dammit Jock! (then again I'm broke too >_>...)
All he needs now is a dunce hat lol :>
I would totally be interested~ :>
Anyways this is cute.
>:0 Jock listen to Payton and have Sanders move in with you. Don't let her die~~
D: What? No! Say it ain't so~

And that's good to hear, I have the AC with me so I'm good~ (maybe)
It's California weather, it happens when it feels like it. Last week it was hot then the next day it becomes cloudy and it begins to rain ಠ_ಠ then my sinus acts up.

Though I hope you get well soon~
Aww~ Those two are soo cute~! (*v*)
Run Jock, he's going after your wife~!! /(`0`)/

Why so?
...pfft! HAhahaha XD
I can't stop staring at his legs~
Happy Easter and congratulations for getting nominated~!
\('0')/ Jock has gone crazy?! Oh no~
*gasp* Oh my! D:
And now she's angry, and Mr.Boss looks so cute~
Oh man I had to go outside to laugh, how old is she, really? Never in my life have I ever had someone like her XD

Oh my Daniel is melting on the alternate page lol
Does this mean Belinda is the ruler of all kingdom~?
Such greatness and a high sense of elegancy. =Д=
Yes do it~ :>
(well it's up to you, but that would be pretty sweet to see it improved.)
Yes Mr.Lizard, you're free~!
And you should devote your life to Sanders, your lord and savior~
(oh hey an update, I missed a lot ^^;)
oh my! Sanders is a lizard slayer~ :O
XD lol and keeps their corpses as prizes
I see a fuzzy house with pine trees...the one on the left looks like a fuzzy rock mountain. Oh my what does this mean~? :>
I saw this while you were streaming~
It looks excellent dude~! :>