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Was not expecting that, I can tell you that much. I look forward to seeing how those two get along.
Oh no, oh nonono... This can not end well, for anyone. I'm not going to sleep until Wednesday.
I laughed out loud at the Checkerboard.
Oh man, I knew he'd do that... but I really wished he wouldn't. I don't like where this is going at all (emotionally for me I mean, storywise it is awesome).

As for comics that I think deserve more attention, I would have to say Hemlock. It's about a witch and her new familiar who live in a giant snail. The art is super neat and it's also pretty funny as well as having an interesting story.
Can be found here:

Oh yeah, and Pictures of You also deserves like a bajillion more readers, because it's fantastic, just saying. I've been slowly getting all my friends to read it.
I can't believe this is the end... So many happy memories of this comic...
That is so very Ed... xDDDDD

P.S. Love the shoujo bubbles.
Christo's face in the last panel... that is my morning face.

And about my comment on the last page, I don't think I was very clear, what I meant was I would not be willing to pay for sexy extras because I wouldn't want them, however I'd be willing to pay for other stuff, just not sure what that other stuff would be. Holy crap comma abuse.
Oh man, this one is totally going to blow up in his face, I can just feel it.

I'm not really interested in sexy extra's, by the way. It would just feel weird for this comic, I don't know why.
Fuck yes! I would read the shit out of this if you either continued drawing or restarted! UNF YES I AM SO PUMPED!
I AM gay for you Peter~! No seriously, he rocks that outfit.
Though Peter's reacting pretty well I don't think he likes our Liam in the way we all want him too :(
*is hyperventilating*
NOOOOOO! YOU'RE SO MEAN! I just punched a baby btw, because I am so sad, and dislike babies...
I woulda let them both go if she'd let me feel her up a little *ish a massive pervert*
Oh my god, if he gets interrupted I will punch a baby, granted I was looking for an excuse to do so... BUT STILL!
This is going to be sad isn't it? This comic has made me cry so many times...

I'm from Canada, since you asked.
Incentiveandy... I couldn't see it at first, it took me a minute or so, and then I almost pissed myself laughing half because it's hilarious and half because I can't believe I didn't see it before.
Thanks so much for another fantastic update!
Seeing that panel with Richard and Henry riding off made me tear up a little. I love those two...
Personally I really like seeing pictures of the characters just doing stuff. Also Patrick's angry letters to the government are AWESOME!
However I will vote no matter what you put up, because I love this comic, hell I vote every time I'm on here, even if it's not to read your comic.