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May 25th, 2011
I still don't know how I want to do this manga, color, screen tone, style. so deal with me :)
as sweet as this is, if I woke up with a man beside me after what she has been through. His nose would be no more.
That made me smile.
think of it this way, she is not a the same master as the other aand setting her free right now wuld be unhealthy for her.
he actually lets her wear underwear? XD well one mark for respect for him.
sorry your sick :( That is one ugly lady xD
Precious! Go little zeus ^^
well what the hell were you doing with sarah?
lol chloe is NOT smooth
making good progress!
This is the main character grace, and her character sheet.
Mina's character sheet
Suren's character sheet
zeus will never understand this
oh Hades, you poor poor child.
Oh no Liam dont go down that road
ROFL! Happily ever after