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.... did not see that coming...and couldnt be happier!
Congratulations and thank you for keep on sharing your work!!
The feels man
Well, fuck..
I admit was out of it for a long time now...but within this week I been catching up from where I left off..and just got here...
The love I had for this characters since I found em all those years ago came right back, and also all of those feels.
Obviously gonna keep reading but couldn’t not comment as soon as I saw this.. 💔
Happy New year to you guys!! (Gold luck with the car!)
But I always like your art!!
I did that same trip last summer...
After being left in the middle of Il with only my dog..
13 hrs of NOT FUN
I am loving! this "biblical" story!
Its always so bitter sweet coming to an end of POY book.
This is exactly what I expected, and wanted!!
Kinda wish we could see the all the portraits up close.. *hint hint*
Whatever Sam's up to... Im pretty sure Im gonna want to have as a desktop :D
people been raging?
This is why we cant have nice things people...

Anyways, YES! Thanks Chris P. I had completely forgotten about that.
Semi unrelated topic but there was a someone,user ct95 I believe, that had this picture of Lauren hitting Sam..

0_o where is that from?... Did I miss that?
Am I the only one that believes Lauren is reacting the "smart" way by saying and doing , what most girls dont in this situation?
Do I think even when she has a fair point, a relationship is about compromising, and she should've kept Sam's feelings in mind? Yeah, of course. But still.
I been keepin outta comments lately, but always keeping with the comic!!
I feel like the clueless chick that keeps walking in the middle of a room discussion making some random weather comment .. but with the best Internet meme answer .. "ain't nobody got time for that"..

That aside, I'm soo intrigued as for where this is going!
Looking forwards to the new pages!
It was a good day
I have become quite the Whovian in the past 2 years, its so easy to get absorbed into it!!
Happy Anniversary!
Also physics are a bitch.
In Bill's defense not only that *is* a great line, that funny man is sexy!
I been following the strip, as the comments as well..

All im gonna say is that while I didnt see this coming, im enjoying the turns it is taking.