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After a long break, I think I'm ready to tackle another comic.
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@mitchellbravo: Wow!! Thank you so much for your very kind comment. :) Hopefully the later updates are as entertaining. hehe
I'm sorry for the really shitty quality of the drawing, the layout, the dialoge, the scans, the everything...this past week has been the worst. From family illnesses, to anxiety-inducing visits from parents, to brand new scanners not working for me, to my husband accidentally spilling stuff on my comic (going digital is looking better and better...); this update just wasn't meant to be awesome. But I was determined to be consistent, and so you get...this...thing...


There will not be a proper update next week. I have a five day weekend over Thanksgiving (at that point can we actually call it a weekend??) during which I have exactly nothing planned except working on my comic with a renewed sense of purpose and creative vim. I'M CREATING A BUFFER!!

So...I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have even put this up...and there probably isn't a soul who actually cares as much as I do. But...too bad...

*mutters and shuffles away*
I dunno, I think two grand is a lot for a party now. Then again, I balk at spending a couple hundred dollars.

For the record, those prices are all made up. I have no idea how much that stuff cost back in the day, and I really couldn't find anything specific to give me an idea. Ah well.

Anyway, introducing Violet!! And her father, Alain.

They have issues.
My god, this page took forever. I changed my process so that I work on a larger scale, but that involves pasting everything together until I find a better way of doing things. Eh.

While the dialog really isn't that important to the plot right away (as you'll get clued in later), here's the translation if you really want it. AND...for those of you who speak French or German...YES I USED BABELFISH. Feel free to PM with the proper translation if you care that much. ;)

Dialog: Until I get there, Mister Pasazade is in charge.

Dialog: Mrs. Fortin, tell Violet to come to my office.

Dialog: Right away, sir.

Dialog: I'll notify you when I arrive in Istanbul. Have the artifacts ready.
Hooray! The inaugural page of my comic! I hope you enjoy.

Everything you see is done by hand (and it looks like it, I know). Graphite and charcoal pencils on tan toned paper. I was going to do everything digitally, but honestly....I like how this looks. I think it fits the story!

Anyway...expect things to change as time goes on.

The song being sung is a real song made famous by Eddie Cantor called...obviously..."The Dumber They Come." Check it out! If you watch "Boardwalk Empire," you've probably heard it.
what do you think of the colored pencils? should i go back and do CG color?
i. LOVE. this one. poor li'l peanut. LOL
oh, yay! you're back! welcome. i've been away, too.
funny AS ALWAYS.
I just saw "Wall-E" this weekend and it was always. But as soon as the refrigerator entered the scene, I couldn't get this comic out of my head. Wall-E + Indiana Jones reference = too much time on my hands.
i didn't think anyone was reading this. :D i guess i'll have to update again. hehe
neogeorgia-it's just gonna get better from here on out. LOL. :)

corrupt-you are seriously my hero.
hi! thank you very much. :D
hey charlie! yes, PLEASE stop holding your breath. it's bad for
y'know...i have done the forgetting-to-eat-thing...and it's nasty. at the end of the day i'm RAGING FOOD MONSTER. it's bad. and then i have to go grocery shopping again. LOL!
LMAO! same here. alas, no menus were recieved. ah, well.
thanks for the comment! i missed seeing you around here. glad you're back doing more comics. :)
i ell oh ell'ed. :D
oh gosh, it's been FOREVER!! i'm so glad you're back!! :D
zhenya, hi! yes, you have commented before! thank you for fav'ing my comic. :)
so far, i've never hallucinated. but, it does happen to some people. infrequently?
there aren't any chubby characters that i've seen who aren't the butt of cruel fat jokes. so, why not make one who's actually cool? i'm glad you like it. :D
yes. alice is hallucinating. yes...i messed up on the sari, but it was too late to fix it. yes, there is a black dot somewhere on the page...can you see it? oh...and if you haven't seen 'conan the barbarian' i demand that you do.
fabulous!! i love the work you did with the markers. i hope you do it again with future pages. you have real talent. :)
i think my cat is related to yours. she enjoys being tapped on the head with a wacom tablet pen.