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What, you want info? Fine, I'm a spriter, I'm a fag, I rock, get over it. Also, I PIERCED THE HEAVENS LIKE A MINUTE AGO GAIZE |: Thing Thing <3.......What? You want MORE?! Greedy fag. |< I started spriting at 2008. Made my name at Early '09, and made myself known around Mid '09. Also, TORIBASH FOR THE FUCKING WIN, YOU QUICK-TO-JUDGING COCKSUCKERS. D<
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    Carlos Rivera
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I fucking rock at photoshop elements. |D
I was so bored when I made this, sue me. |:
Made this in photoshop elements the other day at school, I think I wanna download eet now if it does shit like this. :U

Dun kick me out for it not being a sprite durhur. /inviting sarcasm
Basically, all of my sprites in a nutshell |: Ignore the big ass pic there, that was a project for a friend.
The weak deny, the strong accept. *Meaning SP and Cosmo's short word exchange.*
I love you for this. <3
*Insert wolf whistle here*
He has every right to worry with THOSE TWO.
You're not too good at arms, huh?
The streaks make it look like a furry Yusei. Take no streaks, but DAMN, this is incredible improvement. *EDIT*
Hell hath no fury like two drunk and psychotic women....with powers.
Change shirt to white or black?
He lies, there are many prodigies before you Mist.
Now THAT is going in the record book of INMENSE PAIN.