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Kinda late... x.x
Okay, it's just really late since it's past the New Years. But I really need to apologize.
Sorry about the gift being late and all. My excuse would be that my cousins decided to play tug a war with my ethernet cable. Since I really couldn't find a replacement in time, it was late. I am really, really, really sorry. x.x
OWL is sooo adorable~ I never thought he could be so cute. xD
November 14th, 2010
I am going to try to put texts with photoshop or paint. If I can get them to work.
My hand writing is just too horrible.

PS- proper fan services due to come very soon with appearance of a new character.
"Real men don't wear underwear!"
November 7th, 2010
pg 8
And behold!
It uploads!
Thus here is a freshly drawn pg 8 to celebrate!
My mechanical doom is over!

Ps- The last bubble says;
"Your wings aren't shapeless yet-"
November 7th, 2010
Owl [character]
I haven't forgotten about Sparrow Story.
I just went on redrawing everything.
And then trying to upload it.
Then it malfunctioned.
So I just redrew everything.
Computer blew.
Repeat for 20 times.

So I am forced to redraw it again and hope it uploads on the new computer.
This better upload.

[this is the final design for Owl. Notice the difference in coloring and style... otz]
Sorry, no color again...
Regardless of how pretty it looks with semi-color, I will color them all!
One day...

PS- Comments are an amazing support for me... Now, if only I can find a reply button............
PPS- Most of the main characters in Sparrow Story is based on a real person. The job, appearance, specialty, and type of clothing they wear have all been exported from these real human beings. They gave me permission to. ;3
Sorry, it's semi-colored this time, but not full...
As soon as I get the time, I'll color both pages.
Sorry for the lack of quality.
Sorry for the late and extremely horrid upload.
I really do need to color it and such, however...
I didn't know that I'd be staying up three nights in a row.
I am sooo sorry.
I'll upload the good one as soon as possible.
And make sure that I'll give an advanced warning whenever possible.
Once again, sorry.
Sorry, I am too busy to continue Word of Library.
I might upload now and then, however until I do, it's on hiat statue.
The reason?
I am working on Red_Genesis, a webcomic on story before the Library.
Also because Library was such a low quality, I wanted to work on something of higher quality.
Once again, sorry.
Sorry for the delay and no more colors from now on...
I think.
Sorry, I had too much homework today.
Texts inputted with MS Paint.
Pardon the texts... I had to put them in using MS Paint, which is not the best program for inputting texts.
All teachers should never master that ability.
The chapter title cover may hint Romance, but I am horrid at romance.