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This is what this page should have been according to my brain.
Also, he was worried that the dead body he always carries around might have fallen out of the bag, yes? O.o
Yay more comics! So when I saw mysterious man's pokeface mask thing, I imagined a whole sequence in my head where he opens his mouth and fires a lazer from his pokemouth and then Atty and the other have to fight his robotnesss and then this comic becomes a parody of any robot anime. Idk. I think this is what happens when you don't update for a while. People go CRAZY. lol
There's a sign saying you must be 18 or older to continue. That's what he sees.
GAH. I missed your comic so much! Wow, wow, wow. Lots of updates since the last time I was on...Alas Poor Charmander will have to come to terms with the fact that his Trainer is a ass. An imporobably lovable one, but nonetheless, an ass. :)
OHMIGOD. THE PIDGEY FAILED. >< Uh, please tell me Atty was at least upset it got on him. All that blood and gore. Please? Oh god. That made me jump in my seat!!!
Oh, dood. This is one epic win right here. He actually looks his age in the 3rd panel! Is he dense? Does he plan on catching that pidgey like a chicken? PIDGEYS CAN FLY ATTY, IT WON'T WORK.

I'm sure even if there was tall grass Atty would just find a way to burn it all down.
Well actually this works out great for atty because now all he must do is walk into Viridian, challenge Giovanni (or whoever is there) get his eight badge destroy the champion and he's won the, become champion. Then his mom will let him back in. :)
No computer for two weeks and I MISSED TWO UPDATES. >O This is one of those comics where I want to be on top of every update. I totally thought she was going to give him a poketech, but then realized that perhaps this is before they were invented. Or she's poor. e/o
I missed your update! -_-'

Oi vai. I make up for it with praise. Lots of it, because it's truly fun to stare at your art, because it's so. darn. pretty!
*runs off to make a Growlithe jacket*
Aww. Poor Mr. Porter.
I can't imagine Jack just watching the show...I think he would have run up there and been like "I can explode things with mai umbrella!!"
He's also doesn't go to a poor school/orphanage either.

I hope this reboot is as awesome as the last intro. I kinda liked old kickass lady...:D

Great art as always. :)
I'm actually all worried about what happened. WHAT'S WRONG JACK? DON'T CRY!
I'd be tripping out. And worried that my car was leaking CO into my brain.
Before I even read your commentary I was eyeing the background. I want a Do you dig it? diglett poster.

Also, I like Atticus' really delayed reaction. And Kahn's little sister's hair. It's ALIVE.

One final thing I actually physically said wow when I saw you had colored it. Very good job with that. Is it all colored from now on?

Edit: First post. I GOT FIRST POST. I have never done this before. :O
Reilly answers her phone/rabbit: "H-hello?"
Jack: "Is this my Wily Reilly?"
Reilly just hangs up.

This is what I imagined happening.
also lol@CPD
Aww, Jack's face in the first panel is just so sweet. I love how he just wasn't expecting that. Awww.
Heck yes I would be intrested in buying a commission from you. But it would have to be um, not expensive. :] *hides ashamedly*
Also, probably the scareist thing to wake up to, a large purple rat with buck teeth. I would probably wet myself in fear.
Every time he says "Oh Reilly" I imagine it pronounced like "Oh really?" And then I lulz.

Story time is about why he kills people, yes?
Is the town in another dimension? :O