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Hi I'm melissa. :D

Now why the fffffffffff- haven't I started posting any of my comics yeeeet?!?!?! Cause I'm lazy. :P

For anyone who still uses this. lol
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Don't fall behind the 30 pages in 30 day thing!! D: I'm rooting for you to do it. :D
Yay a page everyday? :D I'm excited.
Insert rage here. Lol
Nooooo!! ;_; lol
Don't you hate that, I mean when you get kidnapped by aliens and are forced to draw? That shit happened to me the other day. lolol.

Also I really like this page. :)
Holy shit.
Don't mean to sound like an ass, but I forgot this comic existed. O.O I Seriously JUST found it again. I'm freaking out. lol xD And I agree with the comments above. Update, please? :)
Goddammit. xD
That was awesome. xDD I am now speachless.

Also on a random note I love how you and 'fucking.spring' both have scrub icons. It makes me very happy. ;)
Haha I'm finally all caught up again. :D I can't wait to see what happens next. :)
Omg just started reading today..I can't wait for more. x< lol. So interesting. :o
Well damn..
It was good while it lasted. I do wish I could of seen the rest of it drawn up instead of summarized. And I know it's not likely but if you get some time somewhere down the road you should finish the rest, even if it is going no where to you. At least do it for your fans. Though it is completely up to you as to what you do. Either way, I'm happy I got to read as much of it as I did. And I look forward to your other stuff.
Aww looks like someone got rejected. lol
I would still be interested in reading this comic if you brought it back, and I hope you do. I needs to know what happens. :3
Yay an update!! xDD lol keep it up!!
Wow that was fucked. I mean I wasn't expecting Sofia to be a complete psycho herself.. xD Oh I loved how un-predicable it was!! :D
Great comic!!
one of my favs. :]
Lol at Tommy xD and I agree with Dake :D he is pretty! :]]
Just LOL!! xD
You should...update...please. :]
Pleasssse update!!
Aww things are starting to get all sweet and mushy! :) Go Tommy go! Finish what you started. :>