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Yo everyone! Name's Pioxys or in this case, Dark The Sneasel based on this very old account I'm planning on reusing.

There's not much to say about myself only that I love randomness and i love drawing. This account is mainly to keep my comics in line and maybe new ones to give a new home. Hope what you see is enjoyable. :3

Youtube Account (Where I make random videos)

DeviantArt Account (Where I post up pictures)

Tumblr Accounts (Where I blog randomness and Update another comic)
-Main Blog:
-Dark & Breeze Comix Blog:

Furaffinity Account (Where once in a blue I draw +18 furry art.)

And thats it. Anything else I will update from here.... Or soon as I remember.
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The o'l gang still got it.
You might want to rephrase that next time, Dark...

This is the most overblown, out of proportion comic of the trio yet.... and my god I love it.
They still got it, no matter how many months I put this series to hiatus.
The Second Coming.
New comic, new home, same mayhem and craziness than ever before. For any new people checking the series out by now (thanks to my rapid updating. My bad), Welcome to the mystical world of Dark & Breeze! A series where it's all fun and games with these 3 set of characters in a loving pokemon world (CoughsortaCough). We're their only biggest challenge is paying the rent.

For all you people who probably gonna see the newly updated Deviantart journal soon, it's been a LOOOOOONG time coming and waiting, but they're coming back! With also a new coat of paint or some new styles along the way. With Ask-TwitchPKNN8+ still going on, I want to make some good time/weeks I work on Dark & Breeze comics so it don't end up popping up once or twice per year. I'll make time for it along with other things. For now. The lovable trio of Dark, Breeze & Banana are coming back once more!
About BreezePleeze's The AOP series
So for anyone who followed my friend BreezePleeze on DeviantArt, she used to make this Pokemon Toy Series called "The Adventures Of Pokemon" on Youtube, under the name "Eevee2Espeon". At the time when youtube was in it's early days, it was a popular series where Breeze made videos about pokemon toys doing random pokemon things. Even though that series is done and over with, it's nice to see it's spirit still live on.... Well... More than we think.
Dark & Breeze X Ask-TwitchPKMN8+
Crossing up 2 of the longest running series together in a Halloween special! Even though this series itself been inactive in updates since forever. So at the time it was the longest running series, but ya get the point.

Ask-TwitchPKMN8+ is the current series I've been working on since 2014 till now, where readers can ask the cast that was in TwitchPlaysPokemon runs some questions. It's current arc: Kalos, features the angry Flareon, and the light hearted Espeon being somewhat the main antagonist against the gang. I won't explain much about who they are here, so I best summarize it.

Martyr is the False Prophet legend from the legendary Original Red run. However she comes from a world where everything is ruled by her, Bill, the Dome Fossil, and democracy! A world where there is no Bird Jesus, and the Helix is no more. She crossed over to Burrito's world to restore Democracy in the universe before it's weakened further to extinction.

Burrito is from the Original Crystal run, and the most beloved out of the entire cast. With his strong will and great heart, he'll easily warm even the coldest of hearts. He joined Martyr against his will to help her on her quest to restore Democracy.... Oddly. he doesn't seem to bothered by that.

At the time making this (and still currently), Burrito & Martyr are traveling through Unova to get to Kalos. Dark & Breeze happen to live at the Unova region themselves. Sooooo why not cross them over?

If ya want to check out the Ask-TwitchPKMN8+ series yourselves, feel free to read it here!

It's still going and still be taking ask. Just things gotten a lot more story driven lately to speed things up.
Ollie The Dog's Guest Appearance
The old skool looking black and white dog, Ollie is a character I'm planning to make another comics series of in the future. Back in 2014 I made the first pilot comic called "Baby Bird", and instantly fell in love with him.

Sadly since I'm so busy with a series called Ask-TwitchPKMN8+, I never got around to it. Maybe this year in 2016 I can finally show him off. Until then, he got this slight crossover here.
Made By BreezePleeze
So during May 2015 when I completely stop working on Dark & Breeze, my close friend Breeze herself wanted to take a crack at making a fun comic of the lovable trio. Especially since the Dark & Breeze Comix been more of a fun experimental thing we did to pass time, and wanted to draw some things for fun. For this year in 2016, we plan to do more comics together like a team effort.

So sit back and enjoy the few pages she made.~

I also recommend checking her out some time. she makes some cool stuff.
Last Comic Update for now (Doing some fixes too)
That's it, every single Dark & Breeze comic up to date from April 2013 to July 2015. I hardly updated or did anything with the series since cause of my other ask series, Ask-TwitchPKMN8+.

ALTHOUGH that doesn't mean this series is dead. I still got a comic left I need to get done currently. Weeeell 2 that is... One of them is mostly dropped since October 2015 being unfinished, and another I made yesterday I'm about to get done soon!

So I'll fill ya guys in on that when it's updated. ;)


Also you might notice me updating and removing some comics. That's cause I figured out how useful the Remote URL feature is, and I don't have to keep chopping these comics into JPG bits!
So expect to see some removing and updating here and there till I'm ready to update the comic again.
Random Bonus GIF
Man I love Rick Murray's Minecraft Tales. I couldn't help to reference that series as soon as I saw the creepers. Also have a GIF when dark was getting beaten senseless by.... whatever those things are. by_pioxys-d73lg5r.gif
Some More Facts
It was this very comic, and introduction of Banana The Hamster I decided to step up my game in late 2013. Since I enjoyed working on the doodles so much and kinda was received well, I wanted to look more better and pleasant to look at by actually taking the time to draw them, comic style.

Ugh... Please don't fist me for using Comic Sans either. It was 2013 and I didn't known any better. Same can be said with Times New Roman too in another ask series of mine. Common noob thing.
Context Between Dark & His Family.
When I was young in 2008, and heavily into role playing with Dark (along with my friend who's Breeze), Dark never really was close to his family, except for his mother... In fact... Other members of the family tried to kill him.

Dark dislike for his father started back when was 17 (He's 24 now, as Breeze is 23). Ice's ambitions were based of Obitio's from Naruto. Working under an evil organization, his goal was to take away both Dark and their rescue team leader, Shadow The Buneary's special godly abilities (when Dark had them. He don't anymore cause nerfs are awesome.) and use them to bring froth Arceus to help create a brand new universe. After Shadow, Breeze & Dark defeated the group entirely, no traces of Ice was found or sighted ever since. He also shared the same hate for Crystal The Pikachu, his sister who followed in their father's footsteps, and went after the rescue team.
More of Dark's Castle Shenanigans.
A comic referring to Dark's own crazy attempts to take down the castle....
Sadly that didn't go to well in both videos.
This is one of those bonuses

Part 1:

Part 2:
The joke behind this one.
There's probably some context that needs to be explained. I'll do just that.

Mazi & Muro are characters by 2 of my best friends I always hung out with since high school days. The guy "Ant" they're talking about is myself. Since at the time before I took my own persona, I mostly had Dark The Sneasel as my online identity. So since that Sneasel was the closest representing myself, he gets the beating.
Some Facts
When I was thinking of a new youtube series in 2013, originally Dark & Breeze was one of them. Sadly however at the time I was very lazy to draw anything. (nor was I any good at actual animations)
So I decided to doodle my ideas in comics for later, which created the start of something beautiful.
the last page im working on and just in time too.owo i hope i work more on this too enjoy.ouo
Page 12 and up are paged i just worked on today so i hope ya enjoyed what i have worked on for this long.
the first page of the new chapter enjoy.ouo
OH YEAH MORE PAGES! sorry for not updating this i been lazy and i have no internet except for my aunt'sso here we are.owo> the cover page after waiting for so long the chapter not complete but here something
short comic today

I'm sorry but winning that jolteon by that pokemon global link thing was the best thing i can think of. its 7:52am so im going to bed.

enjoy this short randomly done episode and hope this jolteon pass what ever test sonic plans up.~

The 8th episode where sonic reaches the next city to earn his first gym badge~

let see how it goes in the future episodes.


metal gear solid (c) Konami
As Sonic and Derp goes through Route 2. Sonic experiences some odd like events....

Well at least he close to the first badge-shot-

this is like also my most favorite page i did so far -shot-