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I'm just a simple college student with a flair for the literary arts.
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    Kylr Avery
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That's awesome
It's good to hear people are still following this, even though we're a bit sluggish on the updates.

Expect more, we're not dead!
Isn't this fun...!?
Don't stop now Heo, the fans like it ^^
It's a good story, even for those who haven't played the game, ya see. You, Korbeh, know the story, but for others we need to create an atmosphere where people new to the story can discover things through the plot, rather than color choices.
Look at the colors...
King gets an introduction worthy of his epicness! King fans, unite!

Also, Heo decided he wanted to do this one in color. I don't know why, it hurts him severely. But when it turns out so pretty, I'm not complainin'!
Am I the only one who thinks this is going to be awesome? We are BACK!
But they're so cuddly!
But how can you hate drawing them, Heo?

They're awesome!
Anywho, Yes, we're back. High school is ending, and college is beginning. We're gonna have way more time to work on the comic now.

Yep. Way more time.
Way more ^_^.
Oh quit whining...
But really folks, give my associate here your support, it's quite a feat he is attempting.

We know we're pretty irregular in updates, as school is kind of a major "dealio", but we're going to be on track very soon. Thanks for all of the continued support!
Oh my gourd, we may see another main character. I can't wait. Yep.

It seems like we say this every time, but more comics, we promise! School is finally calming down a bit and we are getting more time to work on it.

And I managed to keep my promise and upload the comic the hell.

It's three days later.
*Guilty look*
I have somethin' I need to get to, don't I. Tomorrow.
*Procrastination look*

Seriously though I just remembered I have to upload the next one. It's late. Tomorrow, I promise!
Defense Attorneys...
Blame not only yourself, for my own literalistic musings have been hindered by the virtual fiery bird that is never wrong! Man that game is addicting...
Vague reference...
Yes, it is a gun! You people can't possibly fathom the intricacies of the...wait, lost my train of thought.
Close to truth...
Yes, this happens a lot.
New Challenger! (Insert coin, please)
Heh, I noticed that too...after you brought it to my attention of course. That means we need to pick up the pace! But, of course, we can't skimp on the quality. Expect a quickening of pace, at least in terms of story. We've been in the first cave far too long, my friends!
Speaking of quickening..."THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"

Snicker...Highlander references...
How did you ever guess?
See if you can get the reference!

Anywho (that's my catchphrase, btw...),for those of you who don't know, parkour is a french sport that involves getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible using only your body. Think free-running and Prince of Persia.

The comic is going to pick up in the story soon, promise. Pinkie swear.
He commented first for once.
Anywho, Sorry for the long delay, I'm very lazy and forgot to upload the damn thing. My fault!

The next one should be up a lot sooner, next few days.
Error! Critter overload!
Sorry about the delay, I've bee worrying about AP testing.

Any who, this is number 7, and 17 fans as of now! That's awesome guys, really. If you guys have any input at all, let us know.

This just seemed like the natural step after the last comic. Just look at him, he is so happy in the first two panels. Heh.
On a side note
Heo and I are working on new designs for the booster 2.0, polar star, various other items from the game. The concept art, if it means anything, leads me to believe total awesomeness will be imminent.
Yeah, we are hoping to stick to the story, and even expand on it once the game "ends".

I always wanted to give the game personality, to retell the story in a dramatic fashion that would flesh out the characters that we know and love. I want to get some of the minor characters, such as the little man and others, a bigger part in the story and mix it up a bit. Of course we have to get through all of the shtick.