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Heo Map
Hyoz, Nghi here,

Uhh... How did I start drawing again? Either way. Fantastic adventures await~.

After I go and save...
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Don't hug me, I'm scared
I got stabbed by a dangerous weapon earlier, a scary knife that is known as high expectations. :<

EDIT: By the by folks, I changed one of the panels that was debated to be the most confusing and poorly done. And... Here it is.
No, I don't think this place has any kind of censorship. Comon, we said penis earlier in the comic itself. We're all immature adults here.
So, shall we continue the tour? Anyone surprised it's still the same month as the last update?

I noticed a serious lack of background. Or at least It was brought to my attention forcibly... And as usual, I can't draw up to my expectations. I can't draw rocks. :\
And I can't exactly be taught/learn that kinda thing.

On that note, was anyone intimidated rather than accepting of this rendition of the mimiga village as I was? jpg

After note. You guys mind rating? I wanna know if I've improved or if you guys like where it's going.
You have NO idea how long it was to pick up my tablet again even though I already did the first 3/4ths of the comic already.

I tried something new with the actual art of the comic... What cha think?
Who wants exposition?
We haven't done this yet. Kinda cool huh? For the first time: Story elements, of the Cave variety, will be applied.

And some love for that fatty Mimiga who was very detached from the action in the game.
Ya know? I've been trying to but I have yet put the actual thing onto my computer for it to even been on the internet.
Penis Waggle's History: Politically Correct version.
Clearly it's the international sign of a peace treaty.

Proposed and adopted on the "Third Folic Larz and Cruz Langley Convention" on June 19th 20XX.

And was revised at the very recent "Fourth F.L.C.L. Convention" accepting the "Bubbler LVL1" as a mandatory part of the originally stated ritual.


The Ritual goes as follows

Hip Rotation >>
Hands on hip and Chest Pump >>
Grapple pose pelvic thrust >>
Lock arms with the other participate then trot to the left >>
Arms tossed into the air and commence bubbling.(Leg positions may vary)
I should really not have my best inspirations during classes.

And actual comments about the comic:

I messed up and had to rescan it and it came out weird. Particularly talkin' about the slightly off colours of everything.
After a long sit down with myself thinking about who exactly reads my comics.

I decided that we are all immature adults who nonchalantly accept things as is.

We can all get pass the word "penis" right?




PS: I also ran into a problem with the actual size of the image. 500KB limit.

The original image somehow went up to 800kb so I had to change it to jpeg. Tore my heart apart while I did it finally.
>..> <..<
... I'm SO sorry.

I can't really make an excuse for what took so long... So...
Sorry about that.
Oh shit! I TOTALLY forgotten about the comic!!

Uhh... Sorry about all that. It's been two months since I've done anything.

I'm surprised you guys remembered too. Hahah. I'll get to work on the comic now.
Un-intended concequences
Crap... I'm going to have to do the effects in color too huh... With atmosphere and everything too huh...

Back from unannounced Hiatus
I should really mention when I leave... But either way, I've had practice with the tablet and I also had practice with drawing backgrounds (not much but it's something)

Fixed the color error on this page but not so much the last colored page.

Being honest to my word, everything is going to be colored from here on out.

(God help me)

Breaking News! This just in, it has been confirmed that the Main Character's hat is indeed its own character ladies and gentlemen.

Local Viewer says "It deserves it"
Leap of Faith
You know except it wasn't on purpose, and he didn't even have faith he was going to safe. But you are right about diving into the heart... Of a town
Hahah I guess I was bad at drawing it... But that was the bridge being blasted upward and falling onto king... I guess I also failed at showing the bridge's existence two pages ago...
Wha? It's not just me?... Aww... I wanted to be original too.

Well,It was never specific to what his hat said really, so I took creative liberty
We interupt this presentation
So I was suggested to do the rest of the work in color...

Man this is going to suck... But okay. I accept this challenge!... Next week >.>
Sound Effects
I wonder if any one noticed yet but I'mma trying my best to make the sounds as I can via words and not using onomatopoeias...(I don't think I can handle doing japanese gurugurus or barabaras or even their dokidokis) Except that one time when bomb was for explosions, I thought that was funny.

On a side note, I hope the change in strokes sizes from character to background doesn't hurt too many people.(Not to mention the lack there of in the background)

Another note, I made the main character extremely pale rather than white as the game depicted for the purpose that he could still be mistaken for a human. I thought it was ridiculous when spoiler saw spoiler and spoiler spoiler didn't even spoiler! Spoiler spoiler had to spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler. See what I'm getting at?
Oh GOD~!
It's a Double Page Spread!! Meaning this is twice as big as the usual page. Filling both sides of a page. Should only work with odd numbered pages.

When I was working with this, I thought... "How can I fit this much activity onto the page and make it as cinematic as possible?"
Ahh, I know what you're trying to point out but that's I draw eyes normally. xD I was drawing Tsukihime characters for a while and I couldn't lose the style.