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Shadow Leafeon
Shadow Leafeon. Failing at life since 1996.
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Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the talented and awesome CursedRabbitsFoot and Blue! So happy to have you join the group :D
Felixxxxx <3333

I thought this would be the best place to end. Or else this thing would've been like 45 pages omg.
Hope you guys enjoyed this. ^^
Sorry this page is so depressing u.u'

Last panel reads like a shit poem lol
IT'S STONNEEEEEEEEEEE I love drawing that bitch. Fuq u Leo lol
That's totally me making a cameo in the second panel.....^^''''

Thereeeeeeee he is. Seeing Neptune with blond hair makes his hair now look even more stupid.

Yeah he wears those colors because he's a complete and total idiot
ew there's a fly on his face...
1st panel, my finest work ever. I can stop making comics now.
That vampire did a crazy split to kick him like that lolol
Neptune sucks. Case closed.
It would be extremely troubling if the Coach kissed Neptune on the next page lol.
I just have a feeling something is gonna go wrong???
Yup I used an actual reference for those kicks
Neptune is the biggest virgin in the school coughcough....
That middle panel took forever bro
I don't know why I wasted my time drawing that girl, she doesn't matter at all lol
They probably divorced over some astrology stuff.
I guess they weren't starcrossed lovers after all, huh? ...haha.......

(That's why his name is Neptune).....=w=
That's right, it's Neptune's turn to share his past with everyone!
Hope you all enjoy ^^""""
Yup, he's a natural blond. That's one thing I was sure of when I created him all those years ago, no idea why...