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FIRST! Is going to her school or something? :O
Second try, was confused on the first, and got 728! WOOT! XD I love your comic, soo cute!
February 23rd, 2011
I love your comic! <3
The "thought" in "But I didn't thought Terence would leave" should be think.. At least... I think it sounds better :)
John Doe, Leo Nardo, and Michael Angelo. That's some great members you've gotten, crazy girl. XD Great comic, by the way!
Beia makes me think of persona 4 and Jay just needs a yellow scarf and he'll look just like that one dude from persona 3... that I forget the name of XD
I love your characters! They're sooo cute and funny! :D Good comic so far!
September 14th, 2010
First! Love ya Rann! :)
I love the way they match. XD One Green eye for Terence's eyes, and One Pink eye for his hair. :) Also, I'm in love with your comic.
Kind of reminds me of a Gaiaonline avi. XD Loove it.
I love his hair. haha.
Panel 2 reminds me of Chowder. XD
Omg, I really love this comic. :)
Also, the pamphlets are awesome. :D
This is pretty cute. :) I like it.
I love this! It's really interesting! I can't wait for the next update.
Didn't see this coming *sarcasm* but its good every time, so its fine XD
oh my geez
I'm soooo glad I didn't start making my story. It was way too similar to yours, except the main character was a girl. I'm kinda sad now. XD