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I really hope he has hots for our doc , maybe when hes distracted sai and captain can get more alone time XP
And that is how Sai became a mother XP I love your art so much.
@Melinxie!: Omg I'd lobe you meet you , I love your comic!
@Melinxie!: Omg I'm gonna be at anime Boston as Russian from hetalia !
Must kill mikkal !!! - lunges at - how dare you talk to him like that!!!
First post :)
I love this comic so much and your art work!!
He looks like he's drugged !
Lol I just thought about it if he likes blonde so much just bleach snows hair as a 'punishment' .
Omg Alex shouldn't trust him then he could be lieing about not being with his wife anymore just to get back with him! : sharpens knifes: stay away from Alex!
Oh god he's so obident ! Niya you gots your self a slave!
L wins right? I like L as seme... Their to cute!
February 19th, 2011
Naruto looks so pretty !
He's so pretty! Hey where's the favorite button??
Roar this is awesome!
i would buy it if i could make some money first , your story is so adicting i love it!!
i bet if he stopped trying get shiratori's attention or talk to him , that would make him be like" wtf! get over here uke!"
omg! i love "you make him puppies" There so cute <3 i luve u
please write more ...what is "it"? is it something to do with devon ?