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Ok heres some things about me *takes big breath*

...i got nothing
i have been lazerd ;-;
srry havent posted my intro yet ;-; hold on ill post it soon...still creating [first comic on u know .-.]
lot from spriters complex here ;-; ill join! *using reg sprites*
almost everyone going to vac .-. have a great vac till the 15th rick XP
omg ima kill thrust?!?!? lol
TOO MUCH PPL DIENG!!!!!!!!!! ;-;
havent updated alot cause i was busy so ill start working on my next update XP
this comic is going well so im faving this XP
such a nice cover XP
k i guess i can join now so can i?
well i dont think its crappy i think its good
lol ill join soon not yet ;-;
ill join soon when my poke trainer sprites are done
am i able to post a comic?
i just saw the comic so i thought i could fav it
srry about it knight my bro gave me the bgs and didnt tell me where he found them ;-;