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Have you ever considered sending this to Del Rey? You have everything all ready, and I can't see what you have to lose...this manga is a goldmine. Publishable material.
sorry guys, I'm gonna have to drop Kemeno Dentetsu...I'm just too busy...
lol it was fortold in the last comic 0_o
I know. It was pretty big.
First review! (re-uploaded version) Very good manga.

For those interested:

A few mistakes: Pyro decides your fate when you die, not your face and it's mind-boggingly neat.

List (it's getting petit):

Mithril Ruse:

Life With Freaks:


Light within Shadow(Rereview):

Sushi Gummy:

Great, some more...:



Sonic New World:

The Devil's Price:

Marvel Heroes:

Oblate Spheroid For The Win007

sonic overload

The New Adventure of Link:

Mobius Zone:


Kemono Densetsu

Ai Buzz

hey, could you remove Akira and Souta from the list? I don't want it reviewed right now.
I'll review the burned...I think Jojo's link is wrong.
you're the best reviewer on here, but compare the streamlined version to the full version and the streamlined one sucks
Um...could I get in on this? I tried to apply, I'm not sure what happened but-I'd love to review some!
Hey, sorry about that:
Sorry girldirtbiker it's
(Didn't see that)
The link to Akira and Souta is wrong in the list. It's

Could I have a review for Akira and Souta - please?
Okay, cool. Can I have one for Akira and Souta? (
Do I sign up to be an author to get my comic reviewed, or what?
i literally lol'd at this it was so make fun of so much stuff so well
lol...he just kills Mario
lol that's funny
lol ice cream! 0-0
I just started reading and I really like this manga! +Fav!