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Hmm..... They'd probably just celebrate the winter solstice I think.
Happy B-Day!!
Baked bees always are a go-to party snack! XD
sweet, a vulpix! :D I don't think I've ever played PMD as a vulpix or with one as my partner as I think about it..
@sonic11: Thank you
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: I'm here. You just don't realize it. >:)
I agree with sonic. That vine looks fishy. Maybe he's, like, half real wolf, and half wolf/human like Riza. So he would just look like a wolf, but be able to talk since he'd be like 1/4 human or something.
I think I would like to have water as my element. It's generally a healing element, but can lash out when needed. It can adapt to any situation, and is vital to all life. Pretty cool.
you should totally do it.
I fully understand that scream. ferris wheels are tools of satan. o.O
Good luck dude. We'll all be here waiting for you to return.
How about Ni? xD or Slayden?
lol, they're adorable!

And I believe you are thinking of Tryptophan.
lol, it's never that easy! xD

And Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. :)
XD I do that too! It drives my friends crazy! lol

I wanna call the one on the left with the curly horns Azeref
Well dang. O.O
Not gonna lie either. I laugh too. XD
Sooo adorable!!!!
I don't suppose Mr. Totem's first name is Capulet?? ;)
I love the rockets! XD
James is the best!
OMG!!! those eyes!! I legit had a nightmare where this dude was out to get me and he had eyes like that!!! O.o
O.o I would NOT wanna be anywhere near Kratos right now! lol