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Mid-Season Finale
Wow, it's been three months now.

And it's been even longer since this comic, wherein Snipes goes on a spheal about wanting to make something of himself. Leading the Net into a new era is pretty noteworthy, right?

A lot of people tell me that Snipes is unlikeable as a character, including the guy I based him on. I think that's because I haven't spent much time developing him. We don't know his wants, his desires, his weaknesses.

At any rate, if I had to describe Snipes' flaws in one word, I'd have to say "pride". I'll leave it at that for now.

As for the comic... well, I have a pretty intense internship at the moment. I do not think I can even pretend to devote any amount of time to this anymore. It's usually the art that slows me down, so if someone is willing to draw, send me an application (with portfolio or similar) by message through my Rooster Teeth profile.
I wrote the first four panels of this comic about two months ago, then set the whole thing aside so I could focus on finishing my three final projects. Now that I have time to write my comic again, I seem to have forgotten what I was going to write.

So, instead of wasting another three weeks trying to recall the script, I just decided to cut the exposition short and get back into the plot.
Long Time Coming
As many of you may know, I'm a busy person. I have three different semester-long class projects on my plate, along with a graduate level Probability course and the neverending post-graduation job hunt (also Pokemon).

It is therefore with mixed emotions that I hand off Folks of the Forum to CrazyTrain. I trust that you will all find him as adept at handling this comic and its established history as I do.

Happy April 1st, everyone.
It's two conversations about the same topic. The two characters are unrelated (as far as we know so far), but they conveniently happen to be delivering exposition to everyone involved.

And the vampire isn't possessed. She's "spellbound", i.e. her captors are using magic to keep her from turning into a bat and escaping.
Hmm… when was the last time I posted a comic again?

Hang tight, everyone. Only one more exposition comic to go.
Something About Molasses
Yay, first update of 2011! I apologize for the sloth-like speed of updates here. It's taking me longer than I thought to get each panel done, and college coursework is ramping up. Perhaps it's best to think of Folks of the Forum as an iterative project that I share my progress on with you guys, rather than a formal webcomic with regular updates.

Part 1 of 2
Woo! We finally hit Comic #100! To celebrate, I decided to write a quadruple length scene! So much is happening right now, it is nigh impossible to fit it all into a standard sized comic, let alone a double comic. Barely managed to meet Smack Jeeve's file size requirements, too.

Go me... -_-
The Stage is Set
Comic #100 is on the horizon. This one will take a while (though I doubt any of you will notice any particular delay). In the meantime, why not satisfy yourself by perusing the archive and seeing if you can guess what's coming?
Been Long Enough
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...

Would you believe it, I got 95% of this comic done on the way to PAX. Finished the other 5% just now while everyone else I know is getting drunk as a group. I never get invited to any parties. >_<

I'll level with you guys. It's been an uphill battle getting these comics out. More and more "must-play" games have been coming out that I, as a prospective game designer, really ought to play. My creative energy and thoughts are going towards the design of Leet Wars. Free time is becoming more and more scarce as my Electrical Engineering coursework consumes me (and my Game Design minor is no cakewalk, either). And honestly, I fear that viewer support has waned to a trickle. I do know that the one-year point is the hardest part of the process for any prospective webcomicker, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. It *does* mean that I should fake that I like it, though. My fellow PAX-goers tell me that I am a bit of a worrywart. >_>
That's because my comic's art is heavily based on Order of the Stick's art. The differences should be minimal.
4 Left
We're approaching Comic #100, slowly but surely. What does that mean? Nothing at all. Just something I'd like to point out.
If anyone asks, I know there are only 6 beer bottles at the table. Dodds drank half of them at the bar.
Don't Explain the Joke
Well… I can't resist. The guys here are McKay and McKay. The rest, I leave as an exercise for the audience to find out. (Hint: most of these peeps are associated with the "bar owners" in some fashion.)
This is one of those comics I came up with about two or so months ago. That's the problem with linear storytelling - you can't use all your "good" ideas right away.
Will It Help?
If you think about it, just how effective is a cardboard box disguise anyway? One might think that your average henchman would know that a box of dairy creamer doesn't belong in the entrance hallway.

I should add that to the Evil Overlord List: "I will not leave boxes out in the open. I will also instruct my henchmen to shoot any box that isn't properly stored in a designated warehouse area. Alternatively, I'll put a ninja in every one of the boxes."
This comic's meant to be more of an exposition comic. I tried to soften up the mood with Snipes, but I fear things are gonna get pretty deep in a few more strips. Apologies in advance… unless you like a big heaping of Plot - in which case I apologize for nothing!
Good evil help (evil good help?) is so hard to find these days.
Day 0 Whack - Game Results
<p>Players:<br />
1) <img src="" /> AgentIndy<br />
2) <img src="" /> Alex_Romanov <br />
3) <img src="" /> Andromeda<br />
4) <img src="" /> Biolith <br />
5) <img src="" /> bluebullcrap <br />
6) <img src="" /> BuckeyeDon - <span style="color: blue;">Guardsman</span>, the only sane guy with a gun<br />
7) <img src="" /> Damien_Death<br />
8) <img src="" /> draco24<br />
9) <img src="" /> f3licks<br />
10) <img src="" /> firebug19<br />
11) <img src="" /> Hazzardous<br />
12) <img src="" /> HGN_Kevin<br />
13) <img src="" /> iamcevrus2 <br />
14) <img src="" /> johnnyricoMC<br />
15) <img src="" /> jokersflame<br />
16) <img src="" /> Leafshinobi7<br />
17) <img src="" /> megafire<br />
18) <img src="" /> Proud_Canuck<br />
19) <img src="" /> Sekai08<br />
20) <img src="" /> Shabobble - <span style="color: blue;">Cop</span>, egotistical leader of LFTO<br />
21) <img src="" /> SockMonster<br />
22) <img src="" /> superjim<br />
23) <span style="color:gray">TheBeta</span> - Moderator, MIA AI<br />
24) <img src="" /> TheOneHawk<br />
25) <span style="color:gray">TheRecreator</span> - Moderator, aloof Conjurist<br />
26) <img src="" /> TheTyper<br />
27) <img src="" /> urself</p>

<p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Recurring NPCs</span>:<br />
1) <img src="" /> <del>Archer</del> - <span style="color: green;">LFTO security officer</span>, pole'd for want of a door lock<br />
2) <img src="" /> DaftProdigy - LFTO science officer<br />
3) <img src="" /> Dr. Elbirroh - M.D.<br />
4) <img src="" /> Jalnor - current commander of USSRvB<br />
5) <img src="" /> Sniperae - <span style="color: green;">annoying newb protagonist</span></p>
Good Help Is So Hard to Find
You know, if minions were the least bit aware of their surroundings, most of Hollywood’s plots would go out the window. Maybe the antagonists should pay them better or offer more perks, I dunno.
If You'll Bear With Me…
Sorry I couldn't deliver something more awesome than a transitional comic for the two week wait period. I've been bustin' a groove to get my end of year college projects done, and I simply haven't had the energy to really get the comic done.